Advertise/Hire Me

Yes, I’m available to hire for:

1.Illustrations. Headers, icons, random illustrations etc.

2.Editorial & Communications projects. Let’s discuss your needs.

Limited site advertising options are available via partnerships or links and banner advertisements.

3. Sponsored posts. Option to sponsor a post I’ve written entirely by myself, as part of my ongoing publishing. Your static text advert and one link will be placed it at the footer of the post.
3. Advertorial tweets. Option to “guest post” tweets, upon review.
4. 125×125 banner ads. Limited banner ad space is available, which will appear on every post on the site, below the fold. You may supply the banner ad or one can be created for you.
5. Plain link text. Text link positions are available on the right sidebar and left column below the fold, which will appear on every page on the site. You would provide the text and one link.
6. Competitions. You may sponsor a competition to give away a product or service, either on its own or in conjunction with a review.
7. Press Trips. Open to sponsorship and partnering opportunities with travel companies and tourism boards.

Contact {now} for further details.

Please note: Full disclosure and labeling applies. I do not accept advertorials, content placement or guest posts at this time.