Q: Can I ask you a question?
A: Yes, and the answer is mango.

Q: You sound AMAZING. Are you really that amazing?
A: Yes.

Q: What does “Cruisesurfer’s log” mean?
A. At the bottom of some older posts I added a footnote like “cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 60:6:2 | 1:48”. It’s just my system to keep track of how many days I’ve been at sea and number of countries visited etc. I don’t do that anymore because it got boring.

Q: How can you prove that this blog is now “3.7% more awesome”?
A: From the unManifesto and this scientific proof:

Q: What happened to my comment I left ages ago?

A: Oh yeah. That’s awkward. You see, there were these Comment Gnomes and they raided the place and next thing I knew, all the comments were taken away to go live on a farm. (ie. I was upgrading the commenting system and accidentally wiped it. Then I migrated from Blogger to WordPress in early 2011 and wiped my comments again. Sorry, my bad! Your comments are really important to me and I sobbed like a schoolgirl when it happened. Both times. And then I had to eat lots of pie to make myself feel better. And now I feel fat because of it.)

Q: I love your life. I want to work on a cruise ship too. How do I get started?
A: Start here.

Q: Do you have arty stuff for sale?
A: Yeah! Buy T-shirts here and other stuff here.

Q: This is a useless Frequently Asked Questions page!
A: Shaddup mum! That’s not even a question.