Work On A Cruise Ship?

Yes, I’ve finally decided to whore myself out and become an affiliate for Wandering Earl’s guide on How To Work On A Cruise Ship – complete eGuide.

Why, you may ask? Well mostly because I get a commission on each sale (which I don’t necessarily need, rather than want for spending on frivolous things) but also because I’m tired of people contacting me saying “If you get me a job on a cruise ship, I will practice making babies with you”. Okay I may have made up the make babies bit. But seriously, lots of people have been contacting me with questions and while I am always happy to help, I realized that I was giving them incomplete information (like saying “Hey buddy, Google off”).

So do you need this guide? Well, let’s start with whom this guide is not for.

This guide is not for: people who don’t want to work on ships, people already working on ships, people who can’t or won’t follow rules, Rastafarians, anyone formerly or currently affiliated with a terrorist organization, illiterate people, Meth addicts, people who enjoy Second Life, racists, ridiculously tall people, dirty hippies, people who like using the word “epic” and socially awkward people (unless you are applying for an IT job).

If you are any of the above, you shouldn’t waste any more of your time. Please proceed to the exit. Thank you.

This guide is perfect for: people who want to work on ships, people who want to get paid to travel, people who don’t like travel but want to run away from their lives, alcoholics who are budget-conscious, people interested in smoking but can’t afford the high prices these days, unicorn-lovers, carb-loaders and people who dress like they are still in the 90s.

I’ll be straight up, when I first heard that Earl was selling an ebook on how to get a job on a cruise ship, I thought it was a scam. After all, I didn’t read any guides and I did just fine. But then I remembered that I had a friend who had worked on ships for 5 years and had grilled him with questions, then set about to do my own research. 6 months after I had started looking for a cruise ship job, I found one! If I had Earl’s guide, I would have probably found a job much sooner (especially since the advice my friend had given me was kinda shit). After a few discussions/debates with Earl, I decided that he is the real deal. He’s worked on different cruise lines to me, so it’s natural there would be some differences in what we experienced. He sent me a review copy of the book so I could read it and then make an ethical decision on whether to promote his book or not.

These are the sections covered in the guide:
– Introduction to Ship Life
– Pre-application Preparation
– Application Instructions
– Visa, medical and other paperwork guidance
– Information on applying as a couple
– Job descriptions along with approximate salaries
– Contact details for the cruise lines and revenue partners

In my opinion, it’s excellent and very comprehensive. Honestly though, there are a couple of very minor points I do not agree with. But things vary with each cruise line.

I currently do 6 month contracts (working everyday) and save enough to take 3-month vacations after each contract. I’m sensible with my money but I still had fun while on the ship.

During my first contract, I went snorkeling, scuba diving and jet-skiing in Barbados, wind-surfing in Aruba , ATV driving (twice) in St Martin, saw wild pink flamingos in Bonaire and zip-lined, took a train and did lots of hiking in Alaska, including on a glacier. Then during my vacation after my first contract, I did a 6-week roadtrip from Toronto to Vancouver, stopping by Shambhala Music Festival and down the west coast onto to Burning Man, carrying on east via Chicago to upstate New York where I lost Paddington bear and all my photos from the trip 🙁 Then I did a 6 week Euro-trip starting in UK to visit friends, went to Oktoberfest in Germany, attended a wedding in Poland, visited my friends in Prague and swung by Milan and Venice in Italy, before returning to Toronto. I had a few more days in Toronto so I visited Niagara Falls and Montreal as well before going back to the ship. Basically, I spent all that contract’s savings on my holiday and had a hell of a time doing it. I’m not going to lie, you can do a lot of cool stuff when you have 3 months off!

Okay, you get it. Now what are you waiting for??

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