Introducing Stickmen & Unicorns (Enter To Win Original Shitty Art)

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Insert Drawing :)

I’ve started a t-shirt company called Stickmen & Unicorns! (Obviously, I’m using the word “company” very loosely. For now, I just have designs uploaded to a print-on-demand company.)

Why, “Stickmen & Unicorns“? Well, I was going to go with “Miranda and Jorgen the Unicorn and other unicorns and friends”, but it seemed a bit wordy. What’s my grand plan? To be as big as Angry Birds! (but maybe not as angry.) But first, let’s start with shitty MS Paint art and T-shirts, and go from there.

Hey at least now, I have a plausible excuse when I’m drawing on MS Paint at 1 am in the morning, instead of socializing in the crew bar. I can claim that I’m “running my business” rather than just being anti-social and eccentric.

Anyway, to promote the launch I’m going to mail an original hand-drawn shitty art postcard to 10 “lucky” winners, anywhere in the world! Estimated value: priceless. Okay, at least 50 cents (there’s a stamp right?)

So how do you enter? Three easy steps!

1) Like the Facebook fan page.
2) Share the Stickmen & Unicorns fan page on your Facebook.
3) Respond to the Facebook post when it’s done.


Rule 1: To keep things simple, only people who have responded to the Facebook post will be counted. Don’t forget! It could be something simple like “done” or “shazam” or “blarrr”.

Rule 2: You must hug someone within 24 hours of entering the draw (and not get arrested).

That’s it. No purchase necessary. Contest ends May 31st. Good luck!

Love Roy

p.s have you checked out the Pinterest page?
p.p.s wanna suggest a drawing?
p.p.p.s. if you don’t want to like the page or enter the contest, that’s okay too. I still love you.

This post has been brought to you by Stickmen & Unicorns and the letter P.

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  • Ian [EagerExistence]

    I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to expand to t-shirts. Well done Roy :) Looking forward to seeing what you produce.

    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks Ian :)

  • Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Angry Birds ain’t got nothing on Stickmen + Unicorns! Looking forward to seeing your masterpiece!;-)

  • Caanan @ No Vacation Required

    Well it’s about damn time. Until now, if one wanted a picture of a unicorn jumping a rainbow, they would have to pay a premium for a vintage trapper keeper! Think of all the money you are going to save people!

    • Roy Marvelous

      I know. Unbelievable value!