The Time A Goat Served As My Tour Guide

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We were in St Thomas again. I always enjoy it here. And as long as you can stay away from the temptation of visiting the local Hooters, I think you’ll be okay. I’ve never liked Hooters. Not because I think it’s exploitation of women or anything feminist like that. I just dislike the idea of a 2-in-1 food and sex combo. It’s confusing and ends up doing neither well. Similar to 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, which I don’t think is good for you either.

Anyway, a small group of us decide to go somewhere much more exciting: Paradise Point. I haven’t been there since early last year and was looking forward to riding the cable car again. It’s exciting, like being on a carnival ride. We arrived at the top and ventured towards the look out point. This time however, there happened to be a zoo in our way! It was a little odd, like something you’d expect in a David Lynch movie. The first cage had two macaws. The second cage had a rabbit. The third had something which looked like a possum. And then there were two friendly goats in a small pen. We patted the goats and went along our way.

Immediately, one of the goats jumped out of the pen and accompanied us. It was unexpected but welcome. You know, the more the merrier. It felt like we were on an adventure, as if we were on our way to go visit the Wizard of Oz, which I know makes no sense as there were no goats in the Wizard of Oz. But if there was going to be another character, I’m confident it would have been a goat. (On a personal note, I saw myself as the Tin man)

We followed the yellow clay path and reached a fork in the road. Everyone wanted to turn right. Everyone, except the goat who seemed to want to go left. I wanted to follow the goat but ignored my instincts in favor of the more socially acceptable option – following a human. So we turned right and continued. The goat just stood at the fork and watched us disapprovingly. (I merely assuming this as I’m not adept at deciphering goat facial expressions.)

After 10 minutes of walking through bush and brushing against spiky leaves, we retreated back to the fork. The goat was still there, waiting patiently. As soon as we returned however, he turned left and started walking slowly, looking back to see if we’d follow. The rest of my party wanted to return down the yellow clay path, but clearly this goat was onto something. So I said “I think this goat is onto something” and promptly followed him. My companions groaned and reluctantly continued on after us.

On seeing us follow his lead, the goat got very excited and started skipping. And for some reason, this made me excited so I chased after him. I probably had too much coffee in the morning but it just felt like we were with the Lassie of goats and he was gently leading us to safety. So I threw caution to the wind and galloped down the path, alongside the goat. The faster I ran, the faster he went. It was just man and nature. And goat. And just when I began to question the judiciousness of taking directions from livestock, the path suddenly opened up to a large deck with gorgeous panoramic views of St Thomas.

Success at last and gleeful vindication for my four-legged tour guide. The goat was onto something after all.