Frequently Asked Questions About Finding A Job On Cruise Ships. And Like Other Stuff.

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Good news: I wrote an ebook.
Bad news: It’s not free.

Wait, let me stop you now. If the title didn’t already give it away, this post is about finding a job on a cruise ship. So if you aren’t seriously looking for a job on a cruise ship, your time would be best spent doing something else. For instance, have you poked anyone lately?

Anyway, back to the point. I’ve been an affiliate for How To Work On A Cruise Ship for a while now and while I happily continue to do so, I’ve noticed that there have been requests for a cheaper, less detailed version. Something to just point them in the right direction and off they go.

So that’s where I come in. I’ve written a 6,000 word mini guide which has all the information you need to get started. It’s in mobi format (or PDF if you prefer) so you can easily read it on a Kindle, iPad or any other e-reader. Contents:

Part One: How To Get Hired
1. Where Do I Start?
2. What Jobs Are There On Ships?
3. What’s The Best Job?
4. Where Do I Find Job Listings?
5. I Got A Positive Response From A Recruiter! Now What?
6. Looking The Part
7. The Cruise Ship Interview
8. Getting Your Visa
9. Do I Have To Pay A Recruiter?
10. What Will I Need To Bring?

Part Two: Shit I Wish I Knew Before Working On A Cruise Ship
1. How Long Are Contracts For?
2. How Much Will I Get Paid?
3. How Much Will I Save?
4. How Many Hours A Day Will I Have To Work?
5. How Much Time Off Will I Have?
6. Can I Change Jobs When I Get To The Ship?
7. Will I Have Other Duties?
8. Is It Easy To Get Fired?
9. Will I Get Any Training Onboard?
10. How Do I Get Paid?
11. What Is Accommodation Like?
12. Am I Allowed In Guest Areas?
13. Do I Need To Buy Our Own Uniforms?
14. Who Pays For My Flights?
15. How Do I Contact Home?
16. How Is Ship Life?
17. And Now For A Word Of Warning
Bonus: Ridiculous Asked Questions About Working On Cruise Ships

As you can see, it’s pretty comprehensive. All that, for a measly $9.99. Yes, less than two beers in a pub (or close to 10 beers on a ship). So how do you get it? Just click Add to Cart

But wait, that’s not all. If you still choose to get the more detailed How To Work On A Cruise Ship and use my affiliate link, I will send you this ebook for FREE. (Make sure to email me to let me know, so I know to send it to you!)


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