Ok You Got Me. The Caribbean IS Pretty Awesome.

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I have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled when I found out that I’d be spending another few months in the Caribbean. After all, I’ve been to all these Caribbean ports numerous times, by now. Besides, there’s not that much history or culture here, so it doesn’t really feel like traveling.

What annoys me however, is that it’s kind of expensive. Eating out is more expensive when compared with many places in North America and the food tends to be uninspiring and unhealthy. A cheeseburger and chips in Grand Cayman cost me $16 the other day. Sure, it was tastier than white rice and bone curry, but I’m not convinced that it was $16 tastier. When we were in Honduras the other time, we went to a beach where bottles of Corona were being sold for $5. To be fair, these places cater towards tourists but I still reserve the right to be annoyed.

Furthermore, I hate taxis. Not just the Caribbean taxis but all taxis. Unless I am carry luggage I do not see the sense in using taxis. Unfortunately, public transport does not seem like a viable option in most of the Caribbean ports so we have to settle on taxis. To add insult to injury, taxis here operate by charging an arbitrary flat-rate per person rather than using a meter, making short rides relatively costly.

Having said that, what the Caribbean does well, it does very well. There are awesome beaches, stunning turqouisey water and perfect weather. It almost doesn’t look real, as if it’s some sort of photoshopped screen-saver.

For the most part, the Caribbean is all about vacationing rather than traveling per se. And that’s not at all a bad thing, at all. You can spend your time relaxing on a beach and drinking beer or try your hand at ATVs, jet-skiing or some other adventure sports. I like beaches but need to be doing something active to be really having fun. And let’s be realistic, it’s still preferable to cubicle life!

Although I have enjoyed Mediterranean and South American ports more, especially because of the culture, history and food, I don’t believe there are any boring ports. There are just boring activities. End of the day, it’s about making the most of what opportunities are available. And any day which is sunny, is a good day for me.

Have you ever been to the Caribbean? What did you think?