The Serendipitous Transatlantic Surprise

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We are on a transatlantic cruise. For those who don’t know, it means that we are repositioning from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean via Florida. My ship has been doing laps in the Mediterranean all summer but as winter sets in, it’s time to chase the warm weather all the way to the Caribbean, where we’ll be doing laps around the Caribbean.

I’ve done a few repositioning cruises before from the Caribbean to Alaska and from South America to Alaska. However, I’ve never done a transatlantic before and never had so many continuous sea days to deal with. In total, for 8 out of the 14 days we’ll be at sea, with a stretch of 6 continuous sea days at the end.

You may be thinking, no one would be crazy enough to take a cruise like that, right? Well, evidently not. There are actually plenty of people who love sea days. (Plus, repositioning cruises are the best value you can buy.) To be fair, sea days would probably be quite fun if you didn’t have to work. It’s pretty much a floating resort. There’re so many guest activities available onboard ships these days, much more than just eating and drinking. Although I suspect eating and drinking are still the favorites.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about this cruise. I will miss Europe and I’m not a huge fan of sea days myself, although there is that sense of camaraderie you develop when you’re working together in the middle of a vast span of sea. I imagine that it’d be similar to space travel, except you’d eat less white rice. Nevertheless, the idea of crossing the Atlantic on a ship sounds romantic. It feels like I’m on one of Christopher Columbus’ vessels, embarking on a journey to discover the New World.

As luck would have it, I was going to have some company. Kent and Caanen from No Vacation Required were joining my ship as passengers. Ironically, we connected around the time that I wrote a tongue-in-cheek blog post called 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Travel Blog Stalkers. But who’s stalking whom now?

Actually, it’s a rare for me to meet other bloggers. I hadn’t really considered doing it before this summer, when I couchsurfed with Alex from Hejorama for 2 weeks (the creators of killer-app Hejomap). But other travel bloggers seem to cross paths fairly often. Of course, because of the nature of my lifestyle I haven’t had the chance to meet any other travel bloggers apart from a brief meeting with Dylan from the Traveling Editor in London, a few months ago.

It’s wonderful to have visitors onboard, even though they aren’t technically visiting me. Anyway, it helps to break up the monotony of sea days. Even better it’s my birthday this cruise, so at least I know my “birth-cruise” is going to be more eventful than last year.

I can’t help but marvel at the lovely serendipity of all of it. I’m spending my birth-cruise, crossing the Atlantic and hanging out with a couple I’ve met from blogging. I have a good feeling about this one!

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Love the Atlantic Ocean image you made.

We have finished our crossing, 7 days at sea for us. Lucky you to have a slightly faster ship.

Remember to go to the top decks and get some fresh air. I was 3 days in when I realized I hadn't been outside or seen the sky or sun in a long time.

Also thanks for my image for my slippingthelines blog.
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    Roy Marvelous

    Oooh, that's really good advice. I often never see the sun on sea days but to go 6 days without sun would be horrible.


7 days on a ship with the NVR Guys… I'm jealous! 🙂
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    Roy Marvelous

    Actually, it's 14 😉


Yes, who IS doing the stalking now?

Later, we celebrate!

    Roy Marvelous

    Next time, let's stick to just 1 martini!

The more I read your blog, the more I think I should give up my exciting career in insurance and go work on a cruise ship! Especially since James is a navigational officer, so we should be able to work together. But first, weve got to finish our Australian working holiday adventure. Good luck on the atlantic crossing and its cool you get to meet other bloggers! I have met up with one other travel blogger and it was awesome to know that there are other people out there going through the same stuff
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    Roy Marvelous

    Why not? You'd have some good perks with James' position 😉

Roy Marvelous

Thanks! So far so good 🙂


I have always thought that about transatlantic cruises…who goes on them? and at the same time, I would want to travel that way at least once to feel the sense of exploration. I have met up with a few travel bloggers along my travels. It's always nice to meet up, especially if you are traveling alone and need to talk to someone who won't look at you funny for discussing Twitter, WordPress, etc.
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    Roy Marvelous

    If you're going to do a cruise, I think a transatlantic would be the best value for money. Just make sure you're going east to west, to take advantage of the time zone savings.

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