The 25-Hour Birthday

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Today is my birthday!

One of the best things about doing a transatlantic cruise from Europe to North America is the 6 hour-backs to adjust to the time difference. What this means is that on 6 sea days, the clocks turn back an hour at 2am to 1am. It’s like when daylight savings ends and everyone has to adjust their clocks back. Hour-backs are always exciting for me because it feels a bit like time-travel. Besides, bonus hour is invariably spent in the crew bar.

As you can imagine, it was pretty exciting then that my birthday fell on one of the hour-back days. Spending your birthday, while working on a ship is a bit different to being on land. By the time everyone finishes work, it’s almost midnight. So if you’re waiting all day just to celebrate it with your friends , it’ll be pretty lame. I decided this year that I would take a different approach. I would start celebrating on the eve of my birthday (also another 25-hour day), similar to what you do for New Year’s. It’s actually quite fun because there’s a build up of anticipation to your birthday. (Besides, my birthday eve on the ship is my actual birthday back home. Ah, the joys of traveling over multiple time-zones.)

It was a great idea and I had a nice celebration consisting of martinis, wine, tequila and Strongbow.

Then today (my ship birthday), I decided to continue with the festivities. And why not? If the Queen can have two birthdays, so can I. I had a marathon birthday lunch of crepes, paninis, soups and salads with the Caanen and Kent, which also served as a nice goodbye to my two new friends. Wait, I guess that makes it a 50-hour birthday!

All in all, it’s been a pretty awesome birthcruise, birthweek and birthdays.

How did you celebrate your birthday this year?

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  • James

    We once went over the date line and skipped someones birthday. Not quite sure how old he is now :P

    • Roy Marvelous

      Ooh, stolen birthday…

  • unbjames

    …with too many Kokanees (domestic beer here in Canadia) being pushed my way. My head was owie the next day! :S
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    • Roy Marvelous

      sounds like good times :)

  • tonyrfsa

    Happy Birthday Mate!

    This year will spent my birthday on a train between Oslo and Bergen in Norway. Will one of the better birthdays I hope, as my Birthday tends to be a rather dull affair!

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    • Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Tony :)

  • Marc G.

    That sweet to have on your birthday, I always love the extra hour at the bar on daylight savings.

    • Roy Marvelous


  • bethany

    Happy 50 hour Birthday!!! That sounds fun :) My birthday is coming up at the very end of December and I don't know what I'll do. Usually people are so burnt out from Christmas and saving themselves for New Years so I don't do much. I like a quiet birthday and the only thing I ask for every year is a party with all my 80+ year old aunties and my grandmother. :)

    • Roy Marvelous

      Oh yeah, I usually get the same because it's so close to Xmas & New Years. Yet another benefit of cruise ships (ie. any excuse to party).

  • beth

    Oops hit return too soon – so I was going to say that my birthday parties are usually really low key! hahaha :)

  • Mark Wiens

    Awesome idea and a big happy birthday! The last few years I've sort of forgotten my birthday and then it has just crept up – and I've celebrated with lots of delicious food!
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    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks Mark :)

  • thesearchforcookiemountain

    Wow, that sounds amazing! That is some crazy time zone madness there. My birthday this year was wonderful – a band I've always wanted to see happened to be playing in New Orleans the day after my birthday, so I grabbed two good friends and we ate delicious roast beef poboys and gelato, then waited outside the venue drinking wine out of plastic cups on the curb and catcalled people passing by. We are classy folks.
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    • Roy Marvelous


  • Scott-QuirkyTravel

    I love the idea of having an extended birthday by switching time zones. Maybe I can figure out a 27-hour birthday next year by going to the west coast…
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    • Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Scott!

  • Turkey's For Life

    Big happy birthday to you – and lucky you getting the extra hour. My birthday's not too far away. I like to go away somewhere for mine. Not sure where to go for my next one. :)

    • Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Julia

  • Ayngelina

    Happy belated birthday Roy, I love the idea but I could never survive more than 24 hours for a birthday.
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    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks AB :)

  • flipnomad

    Happy Bithday Roy

    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks flip :)

  • Amberr Meadows

    Happy very belated birthday, Roy! Have a wonderful holiday ;-)
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    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks amberr

  • kate convissor

    Whoops! I got caught in a time warp and it's still your birthday. And there you are, still at the crew bar. Here, I'll buy the next round. Happy birthday!

    • Roy Marvelous

      thanks kate :)