2011 Year In Review from A to Z

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I noticed a number of bloggers posting using the A to Z meme lately and I thought I would use a variation of it to review the year that was 2011.

A: Airport which gave me the most hassle
When I landed in Tallinn, my bags were checked and they happened to find two bags of white powder.

B: Best city I visited
Without a doubt, it was Riga. I loved Riga so much that I rented a room and stayed there for 2 months.

C: Coffee which made me go WOW
Costa Rican coffee is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had.

D: Disappointing city
This is a tie between Paris and Istanbul but for completely different reasons.

E: most Embarrassing experience
When the airline lost my luggage on route to South America, I was left with no change of clothes for a few days. This left me with no option but to borrow women’s panties.

F: Festivals
I managed to make it to a few music festivals this year. I liked Yaga Gathering the most fun but Positivus was great too.

G: most Grateful moment
Hanging out with my old flatmates from London.

H: Hitch-hiking experiences
I managed to do quite a bit of hitch-hiking this year, from Tallin to Warsaw via Riga.

I: Idiotic idea ever
On one of my ship contracts early this year, I attempted to be anti-social. It was a dismal failure.

J: Journey I enjoyed the most
Taking British airways from Seattle to London was a real treat.

K: Kookiest thing I did
Gate-crashing a hen party in London!

L: Luck would have it
That I stayed with with Alex from Hejorama for two weeks this summer in Paris.

M: Minimalism goals
I managed to get everything I own to under 100 pounds. And I traveled the entire summer with just a 22 pound carry-on bag.

N: Nicest surprise
Finding out that Kent and Caanan from No Vacation Required were
coming on a Transatlantic cruise.

O: Obsession
Pomegranate juice. Because it’s awesome.

P: Possibly the most fun I’ve had with clothes on
I played with stingrays in St John. It’s kind of like playing with puppies, except that they can kill you.

Q: Quirkiest experience
It would have to be my brush with fame on Estonian reality TV. Second would be meeting a Latvian celebrity.

R: biggest Regret
Neglecting my health this year. I attempted to fix this by joining my ship’s Biggest Loser competition.

S: Serendipitous encounter
I accidentally came across the St Croix Crucian Christmas Festival. I can still taste the peanut punch. mm.

T: Tourist attraction which made me go WOW
Pompeii blew my mind. It was surprisingly awesome.

U: Unproductive experience
Although I loved living in Riga over the summer, I was terribly unproductive.

V: Very random experience
Watching the Go Blonde Parade in Riga after a day of Free Hugging.

W: Worst experience
Being robbed in Peru. It could have been much worse, so I consider myself lucky but I still get mad at myself for being in that situation.

X: most Xenophobic people
I was in Baltimore for the weekend, I was mistaken by some kids for a member of the Taliban.

Y: Years spent traveling
It’s been 7.5 years of work and travel now!

Z: Zealous moment
Finding out that there was a Couchsurfing conference scheduled for the day I was visiting Istanbul.

Bring on 2012. Happy New Year!

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  • http://www.turkeysforlife.com Turkey's For Life

    Happy New Year to you! I think you need to return to Istanbul in 2012 and stay around a few days. That way, it will get promoted to your 'favourite city list.' ;) Agree with you about Riga. Beautiful isn't it?
    Happy 2012 to you.
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    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      maybe. just maybe I will return ;)

  • http://www.travelfunnytravellight.blogspot.com Claire

    pretty sure the hen party post was one of the ones that got me started on your blog in the first place ;)
    My recent post Identity Theft

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous


  • http://www.baconismagic.ca Ayngelina

    Ooh your questions are so much better than the original meme. I wish I had done them instead :(
    My recent post Struggling in Seville

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      actually, I was inspired by your post of the original meme!

  • http://www.delapuravida.com Erin

    Happy new year!

  • http://www.wanderlusting.info Dayna

    Agree with Ayngelina, your modified A-Z is MUCH more entertaining.

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous