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Insert Drawing :)

I’m constantly impressed at how organized and dedicated some travel bloggers are with their sites. You can even find bloggers who had started months before actually traveling, documenting the process and successfully securing advertisers and sponsors. I however, took a different path. In January 2010, 5 ½ years after leaving New Zealand, I decided to finally start a blog. I suspected that this travel obsession of mine was not a short-term phase after all and that I should document it before I forget all the details.

Even then, I fully expected to only do one six-month cruise ship contract and then “settle down”. Hence the original title of CruiseSurfing – a play on “cruise” and “CouchSurfing”, the travel community I’m fond of talking about.

Last summer, while I was living in Riga, I realized that my domain name was limiting. What happens if/when I decide to quit working on cruise ships? It would be easy enough to change my blog name but my domain would suddenly sound dumb. Of course, a good name is just one factor and there are plenty of successful blogs/websites with ridiculous names. Nevertheless, I spent a few weeks considering a better domain. Even though the heart of my blog is about travel, I didn’t want to be limited on what I could write about because of the name I chose. So I considered a few awesome blogs with catchy names:

  • Philintheblank: Open-ended and playful. Also, I enjoy looking at Phil’s drawings of camels.
  • Bacon Is Magic: Yes it is! And as long as Ayngelina doesn’t convert to vegetarianism or some religion which forbids pork, it’s a very good name.
  • Unbravegirl: Makes Sally sounds like a B-grade comic book anti-heroine. Cool!
  • Mars Dorian: Very memorable because it makes me think of aliens and durians. I’m not sure if that was by intention however.
  • The Oatmeal : Yet another type of food I like. And a low glycemic food.
  • Johnny Vagabond: Another quasi-hero sounding name. Nice one, Wes.
  • Beers and Beans: Two of my top 10 favorite food groups (although it may be risky to consume them together).
  • Now armed with ideas, I brainstormed a number of options – Nomadic Roy (too limiting), Burritos Are Tasty (too ethnic), Awkward Hi-Fiver Man (too unfortunate) and The Sausage (too misleading) were some considerations. Finally I gave up and went back to enjoying the summer. One night, after one too many Long Island Iced-Teas in Riga, I came home thinking that life was “marvelous”. In my drunken stupor, I realized that this would be the inspiration for my new domain and mission; a blog which focuses on leading a marvelous life.

    I’m still going to write about pretty much the same stuff as I was writing about before, so this isn’t really a reboot as such. It’s more like an upgrade, like when Iron Man gets a shiny new suit.

About Me

I'm a wanderer, couchsurfer, writer, illustrator, uncoordinated dancer, unwitting minimalist, party enthusiast, free hugger and now a crewman. Follow me @roymarvelous .................................................................................................................... Also, find out how to work on cruise ships. Or check out the new T-shirt & Card store.

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Awww I love the name CRUISEZURFINGZ! Ah well I'm sure your posts will still be marvelous! 😉
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    Roy Marvelous

    Well, technically the blog is still Cruisesurfingz but the domain is new. I'm just future-proofing so I don't have to reboot my blog everytime I undertake a new adventure 🙂


Congrats on the new site!! =)
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    Roy Marvelous

    thanks Andrea 🙂


Hey Roy, thanks for the shout 🙂 Gotta say I'm a bit torn on the name change. RoyMarvelous is pretty sweet, though, and I understand your logic. I will adjust…
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    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks Phil!


Welcome, RoyMarvelous.


its a pleasure to meet you, am looking forward to posts from you


its a pleasure to meet you, am looking forward to posts from you


The new layout is AWESOME buddy. So colourful!

Vi Nguyen

Haha. I came across your blog few weeks ago and I always assume thay Marvelous is your last name until I read this article 🙂