My Gift To All You Awesome Bloggers (The Mosaic Of Fame)

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Insert Drawing :)

Happy Thanksgiving! Although I’m not American and I’m currently working on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, I like the idea of Thanksgiving for two reasons.

1. It’s a time to give thanks

2. It celebrates excessive eating

In light of that, I would like to show my gratitude to all the many awesome bloggers out there who have helped me out, each in their own way. For giving me guidance to encouragement to technical support to moral support. From the ones who put up with my never-ending questions, to others who commented on my blog. Even the ones who Facebook poke me, you are all an inspiration to me. Your success inspires me to dream big. Everything I am good at with my blog is something that I’ve learnt from one or many of you (apart for drawing skills, which I learnt in kindergarten and failed to progress any further after that ).

Anyhoo, the travel blogger community is a remarkably sweet bunch of people and for that I want to say Thank You. So for the first time ever, I’m building a blogroll linking to people’s blogs. I call it the Mosaic Of Fame, as it comes along with an illustration. That’s right! And original illustration by which you are free to reproduce as you please (don’t get too excited though, it’ll most likely be a shitty job).

There are many rules:
1) You must be human and have a human-sounding name.
2) No commercial sites e.g. companies selling herbal viagra,  distributing adult-donkey entertainment or partaking in unicorn-trafficking. (For those customers we have various paid options)   
Okay there are two rules. 

I’m going to add 5 new bloggers each week. Shitty work takes time, ya know. All I ask in return is you add a link to mine. So, if you’d like to be added to the Mosaic Of Fame, just drop me a note in the comments. All welcome! (And don’t forget to add your website and your twitter handle, so I can tweet you when it’s done.)

Happy holidays 🙂 

EDIT: Wow, response has been greater than expected! Thanks for the interest everyone. Rest assured that I will get everyone’s done, just that it will take some time. You are in a priority queue 🙂

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I'm a wanderer, couchsurfer, writer, illustrator, uncoordinated dancer, unwitting minimalist, party enthusiast, free hugger and now a crewman. Follow me @roymarvelous .................................................................................................................... Also, find out how to work on cruise ships. Or check out the new T-shirt & Card store.

79 Comments for My Gift To All You Awesome Bloggers (The Mosaic Of Fame)


love your sketches man!!!

    Roy Marvelous

    It’s done 🙂

Yes I'm first! I will add you to my site right away 😀 Oh and if you ever want to guest post (or want one from us) just drop us a line!
My recent post How We Almost Lost Our Entire Website

PS the link to your guest post "gang of travellers" is broken
My recent post How We Almost Lost Our Entire Website

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks for letting me know Jade! And yes, you'll be up soon 🙂

Savage Travels

Oh thanks for the comment! I'm pretty stoked to have found your blog.
Can't wait to read more 🙂

Savage Travels
My recent post Turkish Delight on a Stormy Night ~ Montréal, Canada

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks Kristin 🙂

Matthew Karsten

Cool! Do me, do me!

Adding you right now. 🙂
My recent post End of the Road: Mission to Yaviza

    Roy Marvelous

    will do Matthew!


I'd love to see what you would do to me although I'm not sure I qualify as I'm more giving advice to travelers than traveling myself. Traveling within your own country, does that count? 🙂
My recent post A mini Reykjavík makeover with Sjoppan Hair Salon

    Roy Marvelous

    Of course. This is open to all legitimate bloggers, not just travelers 🙂


ooo me me me! I LOVE your "shitty" illustrations!
adding you now…
My recent post Quick update: where the heck have I been?

    Roy Marvelous

    done 🙂


      Thanks Roy 🙂 I've written a post about you and linking back to you. We have a pretty epic backlog of posts right now so it won't go out until February 20th. Sorry about the delay.

      Is there any chance that you have a larger version of the image? Id like to use it, maybe at the end of our youtube videos but the one on the mosaic of fame goes all blurry if i just blow it up.

      My recent post Renting a Motorcycle and Riding Around Langkawi


Me too! I love your drawings (as long as you make me look nice 🙂 and will link to your site.
My recent post 5 Fun Things to Do in Ulm, Germany

    Roy Marvelous

    OK 😀


Oh, Roy, you know I want in on this sexy action! Also, fwiw, and totally seriously, I love your drawings. It's one of the things that make your site so unique. No getting it confused with anyone else, for sure, and you definitely have style. Rock on!
My recent post US vs. Italy vs. Ireland


    ps: do you want your link to be listed as roymarvelous or cruisesurfing?
    My recent post US vs. Italy vs. Ireland

      Roy Marvelous

      Sure! Roymarvelous probably makes more sense now.


Hey Roy,

As a fellow cruise ship blogger and ITV Manager, I have enjoyed your blog a lot.

Your posts always give me a laugh.

I have used a few images from your blog, always with credit and a link, and an image and link to mine would be awesome.
My recent post Taking a dip in the Dead Sea

    Roy Marvelous

    consider it done!


Great this idea. I'd love to see our epic working roadtrip through all opf North, Central & South America depicted in an illustration.

    Roy Marvelous

    hmm. I may need to indulge in Tequila before tackling this one!

    Edit: Vodka works as well. Done!


Want! This is the best thing I've seen all day. Those drawings are hilarious and spot on! Now I'm gonna go spend some time reading the rest of your blog. Thanks!


    Roy Marvelous

    It's up 🙂


LOVE this idea! And I'll add you to our blogroll right now – just shoot me a quick blurb about what you want it to say in the description =) Can't wait to see what you draw!
My recent post Artists of Prague

    Roy Marvelous

    OK. Give me a few days. I need to catch up!

    EDIT: OK we're done!


omg, what a great idea! would love to be included. think this could be a great reason for me to start a blog roll 🙂
My recent post 12 Best Travel Quotes – From the Movies

    Roy Marvelous

    Done! 😀


Me too! Pretty please? Your web site rocks and never fails to make me laugh. 🙂

Added you to my site too:
My recent post Walking In A Winter Wonderland … A Prague Castle Tour.

Natasha von Geldern

That would be great! I'm working on a blogroll now…. the drawings are great!
My recent post Indie travel: Tajikistan in transit

    Roy Marvelous

    you are now in a priority queue 🙂

    EDIT: done!


I'll simply take the illustration. You don't even have to add my blog to a roll, mosaic or list of any kind! But this not why I commented, I simply want to Thank YOU for a brilliant blog and making laugh more than is legally permissible in Mozambique!

Russ Mease

Glad to have found your site and hope to explore more. I'm adding you to my blog site now! I'm a newbie to the blogosphere so thanks for helping me build some traffic! (going for pitty here, is it working??)


My recent post Dehydrating Potato Soup!

Daniel Lampinen

I thought about a way to add you to my blogroll of expat bloggers in different parts of the world. Officially you are now "The moving cruise ship" among all the "[Geographic Location, Country]".

But I'm not a propel travel blogger. I blog for Sweden travellers.

    Roy Marvelous

    No worries, Daniel – it's done 🙂

Angie Orth

Such a cool idea! New & different! Well done, you. Count me in!
My recent post Jane Austen’s England | A Pilgrimage Guide


OMG, your Thanksgiving illustration is cracking me up– that about sums up my holiday 🙂 I'm sure your cruise offers quite a spread for the American tourists. Great idea to spotlight bloggers. I'm adding you to our "Who we follow" page now 🙂
My recent post Top 10 holiday gifts under $20 for travelers (2011 Christmas shopping guide)


I'd be honored to be added to your brilliant Mosaic of Fame page! That's as creative a page as I've seen on any site 🙂
My recent post Mostar, Bosnia: A City Divided By Two Countries

Mark Wiens

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Roy! Your illustrations are incredible and the mosaic of fame is already looking great – I'd love to be included on your list!
My recent post Photo Favorite: Sun and Moon Pagodas at Night in Guilin, China


You are my hero. That is all. >:D

    Roy Marvelous



Ooooh, do us!! Run by me (Andrew) and my wife (Tanya). The blog is fairly new but there'll be a post every day from the 29th of November until the 6th of December (then maybe we'll drop back to 2-3 a week).

We'd be happy to link to you 🙂

My twitter handle is andrew_affinity
My recent post Melaka’s Famous Cendol

    jim davis

    Soooooo, this is how things happen in hyperspace. Good luck


So Cool!

Here is my blog:
My recent post Photos of Philadelphia's Magic Garden

Amberr Meadows

Aw, thanks for the gift, and that sounds like a great idea (the Mosaic thing). 🙂

No Vacation Required

Could the mosaic of little pictures add up to be one big picture of unicorn trafficking?
My recent post Freedom

    Roy Marvelous

    done. I even added a unicorn for you…


Would be happy to add you to my blogroll just drop on comment on my blog my twitter is @Quipidity
Happy belated Thanksgiving!
My recent post Comment on Take The Damn Tag Off by admin


Sweet idea! Your illustrations always make me smile. Can't wait to see personalized blogger pics!
My recent post 66 more things I love about Pittsburgh


Woohoo! I'm there! Thank you so much, Roy. 😀 This is the COOLEST!
My recent post WoW vs. RL: Un’Goro Crater – Part 1

    Roy Marvelous

    You're welcome 🙂


Me me! @candicewalsh
My recent post French Love, Fruity Drinks, and Airplane Pillows

    Roy Marvelous

    Took a while to get to you, but it's done!


I would be honored to be on the Mosaic of Fame!
My recent post Win $500 in Accommodations with Enrout

    Roy Marvelous

    It's done!


id love to take part Roy – will my picture have sharks in it?! Will add you to my links now.


Hi Roy – Ooooh can my drawing have sharks in it please?! Your Santorini donkeys picture is still my favourite! I'm adding a link to your site now. Liv.
My recent post Australian Big Things

    Roy Marvelous

    Yes, there's a shark 🙂


What a fabulous idea! I would be thrilled to have a spot.

My blog is:
My recont post:

    Roy Marvelous

    woohoo done.

Cole @ FourJandals

Love the idea! We are actually trying to come up with a new logo for our site (Jandals are Flip Flops if you needed to know) and if it is creative enough hopefully we could use it on our site? With links to you of course. Let us know once it gets up here 🙂
My recent post National Jandal Day

    roy abraham



Me me me! C'mon, it'll be sooo easy: Carla, from The Globetrotting Texan. I would love to use your drawing on my site and link to you as much as you like! Send over a blurb and i'll start by adding you to my blogroll!
My recent post Go Abroad: TAPIF

    roy abraham



woohoo- fun idea! @vagabond3live or vagabond3! yay!

    roy abraham



Can get in on this too? What a totally awesome idea.
My recent post Is it really Expats versus Locals?

    roy abraham



Tehehe, well you've been in my links since the beginnings of my stick-house blog :3 I wanna see myself miniaturized and clickable!

Your blog is super duper cute by the way. I should comment more ^^
My recent post Midsummer II – Fire, Fame, and…Uzbeks?

    roy abraham



Hope I'm not to late to get my own shitty mosaic!!! Twitter handle @wanderlustng
My recent post Onward Ho! Why I'm Breaking up with Croatia.

    roy abraham

    just in time 😉


Hey Roy,
I have just come across your site for the first time and I have been chuckling away reading it for the last half an hour. Would love to be part of the shitty link exchange!
Very cool idea. @foodtravelbliss
My recent post Pizza: 9 years later and as tasty as ever

    roy abraham

    And we’re finished!! 😀