The Red Carpet Party

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One of the fun things about working on a cruise ship is all the theme parties we have. But when you’re home, you have the luxury of going to second-hand stores. It’s fairly easy to pick up materials or buy ready-made costumes. That’s obviously not quite as simple when you’re at sea. This is where you can tell the seasoned crew from the newbies, as some people may come prepared with a few costumes which they can adapt to various situations.

However for people like me, creativity is more important than preparation. Seeing that I travel with everything I own, I need to keep my material possessions to their bear minimum. Thus, the only costume I have with me is the “Hen Party” sash I stole from a gaggle of girls in London.

Somehow, this valuable find didn’t seem too useful for a Red Carpet Party. This particular theme was meant for everyone to “dress to impress”, which is fairly easy to dress for, as we all have formal wear with us. That was too simple though. I needed a trump card if I were to have any chance of winning the grand price – a bottle of champagne and more importantly, a sextet of Tolberone. (Is it even called a “sextet” of Tolberone? Whatever it’s called, there’s something magical about the way that Tolberone is shaped like a triangular prism. And then when you have 6 of them, you can do all kinds of crazy things. Granted it’s not as exciting as those ginormous Tolberones which you can find in airport but beggars can’t be choosers.)

So yeah, it was on. And it was time to bring in the big guns: The Beast. The Beast is my trusty vintage winter jacket which I purchased in Toronto. It has come very handy over the years, from keeping me warm in my refrigerated office to helping me celebrate Christmas to protecting me from drunk hooligans in London and Baltimore. This time however, I was going to use it to win me chocolate. I tried The Beast on and happened to notice that the material on the inside was red and carpet-looking. What better differentiator than to turn up as the Red Carpet!

Now, the only problem with theme parties on cruise ships is that most of the people don’t really bother. So turning up in an inside-out Beast felt a little embarrassing, until the tequilas kicked in. But it was worth the effort.

Sure enough, I won the grand prize for best male. Yes, I nailed it. I only managed to eat one Tolberone however, before feeling guilty and giving the rest away. Apparently each of those things contains 580 calories! Looks like even winners get fat days.

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Haha! I'd love to see a picture of "The Beast." Congrats on your win!
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    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks Jordan 🙂

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