Marvelous Mykonos & Adventures On ATVs

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I don’t trust first impressions. It’s not that I’m particularly open-minded, it’s more that I tend to be oblivious to the obvious. The first time I went to Mykonos, I was like “meh, just another touristy island”. Just as well that I work on a cruise ship. It took me a few more visits to realize that this particular Greek island has awesome weather, amazing views and has everything you need whether you are a tourist or just another crew member in search of that elusive free wifi hotspot.

Mykonos is surprisingly affordable. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Greece’s financial crisis as Mykonos, being the tourist hotspot that is, seems unaffected by the financial crisis. Anyway, I can definitely get used to a lifestyle which includes frappes and delicious Greek food.

My favorite adventure in Mykonos so far was when a bunch of us rented ATVs to tour the island. Now, I’ve rented ATVs a bunch of times before in the Saint Maarten and it cost us between US$50-100 each time, so you can imagine my delight when I found out that in Mykonos, the going rate is 20 euros ($30). Sold!

We soon found out why it was it so cheap.

We had rented 6 ATVs and went on our way. Now, before this particular adventure, I had assumed that all ATVs were created equal. Apparently not. I’m fairly confident that these ATVs we rented were for children or midgets or midget children. It felt like I was sitting on something that was a cross between a tricycle and a lawn mover. But at least our ATVs worked. Most of the time.

One of the guys had to turn back after a few minutes because his engine had completely died. Another ATV ran out of gas after a kilometer and the driver had to push it all the way to a gas station. Mine was fairly good, considering. Except when we went down a steep hill and I realized that my brakes did not work very well on steep inclines. To be fair, it was really really steep. But it was all part of the fun. Kind of like that exhilarating feeling when you’re on a roller-coaster and you think you’re going to die but it’s highly improbable that you will. Except on these ATVs, the probability was higher.

We had decided to explore the southern half of island, as we were told that the northern half was mainly hilly and uninhabited. We were on our way, along the coast. It was fun to go from beach to beach and the views were simply gorgeous. Our group split up after a while, as some people wanted to chill out at the famous Super Paradise beach. It was certainly a nice place but personally, I think they were a bit generous with the double compliment.

As the rest of us went on our way, I saw a mother and daughter walking along the road. Being the gentlemen that we are, we hollered “Hey ladies, wanna ride?” Surprisingly, they said yes (the Greek heat must had gone to their heads.). We gave them a ride back to the ship. It was nice to be the driver instead of the hitch-hiker for a change!

Have you ever been to Greece?

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9 Comments for Marvelous Mykonos & Adventures On ATVs


Never been to Greece and never rode/drove at ATV…so sad. 🙁 Some day!
My recent post Surfing Adventure in Scotland

    Roy Marvelous

    Well, you gotta do both. Plus the food is amazing.


Yeah, sorry to break it to you, but ATV's are TONS more dangerous than roller coasters. I managed to dislocate my right shoulder backwards while rolling one.

On I brighter note, this maybe last nights alcohol talking but you Blog is absolutely SUPER AMAZING!!!!! and yes this does in fact deserve the double positive. When are you heading to Yellowknife, you will be able to Uber Rock The Beast up here.

    Roy Marvelous

    Oh crap, yeah I do remember you getting injured. Hope you're all recovered!

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I found paradise beach completely underwhelming. But I still enjoyed mykonos.

    Roy Marvelous

    I agree!


In Mykonos, my ATV had a screwdriver jammed where the ignition should have been. How do you start an ATV with no place to turn a key, you may ask? By crossing two live wires, of course! I also had no brakes on that same hill, and what felt like only one cylinder actually working, so getting back UP the hill was actually more exciting than going down. Hercules ATVs, you suck. Never expect much out of a rental place that is willing to accept your library card instead of a drivers' license (also a true story)!
Miss you! LOVING your blog.

    Roy Marvelous

    That's crazy. Library card, haha! Well, I used my A-pass 🙂