The Kusadasi Treatment

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We were in Kusadasi again today. It’s hard to really describe this city, there are some aspects I love and some which annoy me. Kind of like asparagus (like what’s up with asparagus making your pee stink?).

Anyway, I find that the more often I visit Turkey, the more it grows on me. You just need to be aware of the quirks. Like when someone quotes you a price, always ask them if they are talking about Turkish Lira or Euro or Dollars. Or if a person eagerly approaches you on the street exclaiming “Hello my friend” it’s unlikely that he’s a long lost acquaintance of yours who just happens to have a wonderful business opportunity for you.

There’s lots to do in Kusadasi. You can eat Turkish food, smoke a hookah, get a shave, shop for genuine fakes, go to the beach, the list goes on. Or you can have a pamper day, like I did the other time.

Someone had told me there was a place in town which did Turkish baths. I didn’t know much about them except that at some stage someone exfoliates your body or spanks it. Now that sounded like an experience so I went forth to look for the place.

I followed directions and arrived at a place simply called “Turkish Bath”. At least they are succinct. Outside the establishment was a poster depicting a gaggle of gorgeous women bathing their delighted clients. As I continued to gawk at the poster, a man approached me, asking “Turkish Bath?” I awkwardly nodded as if I was doing something illegal. I hope I wasn’t doing anything illegal. He led me to a room where I was told to change into just a towel. I nervously wondered if Turkish baths were like those dodgy massage parlors where you get happy endings.

After changing into a towel, the man took me into a large heated marble room with a dome roof and said “20 minutes” before promptly shutting the door. I wasn’t actually sure what to do. There were no chairs to sit on. I walked in circles for the first 5 minutes. Then I stared at the dome for the next few minutes. Finally, I decided to sit on the large marble block right in the middle of the room and wait. After a while, the door opened again and old man entered. He had with him what looked like a pillow case. Before long, there were suds and water everywhere. I closed my eyes, partly because I didn’t want suds in my eyes but also because I was a bit afraid.

I’m not going to say it was weird to be washed and exfoliated by an old man. Okay, I will say it was weird. I mean the last time someone washed me was when I was a child (unless you count that time in university when an ex-girlfriend had to hose me down after I drank too much at a party and got sick. Let’s not count that time.)

After the bath, I walked into yet another room where another man gave me a 10 minute massage to end the treatment. It may have just been random but it seemed a little suspicious, that I didn’t met any of those gorgeous girls from the poster.

Truthfully, the Turkish bath is an experience not to be missed.

Have you ever been?

More info:
The Turkish Bath cost 45 TL + 10TL tip (US$31)

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13 Comments for The Kusadasi Treatment


I LOVE Turkish baths! I used to go regularly when I lived in Turkey and always felt squeaky clean afterwards, if a bit olive-fragranced. Women rarely work in Turkish baths in tourist areas. You will find them in the Turkish baths of large cities – but probably only in the women-only sections. So bad luck on that front. You get the large hairy Turkish chap, as do most tourists!
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    Roy Marvelous

    Oh well, part of the experience I guess 🙂

No Vacation Required

I think one would be best served to get the most unattractive scrubber / sudser / masseuse possible. Imagine the amount of baseball you would have to think of otherwise. And I don't know enough about baseball for that to even work. 🙂

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    Roy Marvelous

    Haha good point. I don't know enough about baseball either!

Sean ITV

I was a tour escort in Bodrom a few days ago and the tour included the turkish bath.

On one hand it was a nice place and everything was explained to us before hand. Also they had us wear our bathing suits.

But also it was with many guests, who as one joked "we were going to be seeing a different kind of ancient ruins today"

Being scrubbed by hairy turkish men, was strange. And the massage I got later was quite painful, in a good way.

But overall it was a fun experience.

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    Roy Marvelous

    wow, group bath??


Yes! I LOVE them too. I had my first one in Istanbul, and since, I've been repeating the experience wherever I can… from Ramallah to Madrid.
About massages, I see your point at how weird it is to have an old man do it. But as a woman, I had a guy massage me at a hammam in Madrid, and THAT felt weird. I guess I was just too used to matronly women with saggy boobs doing the job.
Next week I'm headed to the Baltic Countries, I hear they have a huge hammam culture. I hope they include massages and suds too!
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    Roy Marvelous

    Ooh make sure to visit the saunas!


haha love it. They do that in the jimjilbangs (public bath type things) in Korea too. Old women scrubbing young women, old men scrubbing young men. All naked. Takes a while to get used to but guess its quite sweet really.
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    Roy Marvelous

    woah. dunno if I could do naked 😉


I couldn't bring myself to do it when I was there. My friends all went and I happily did not. I have issues getting naked in front of lots of people, but apparently I really missed out. They came back glowing and giddy. Hmmm.
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    Roy Marvelous

    Yeah, getting naked in front of lots of people always gets me glowing and giddy too…