The Truth Of What I’m Doing In Riga

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Insert Drawing :)

July 2011 was by far my most unproductive month for writing, since I started writing this blog over 1 ½ years ago. I wrote 11 posts, which is about half of what I normally do. Why? I’d like to say that I was too busy exploring the Baltics, discovering the intricacies of Latvian culture and enjoying the architectural beauty of Riga. But in reality, I have just been drunk for most of my time here, rendering me fairly useless. (In my defense, I have also been to 3 music festivals this summer which I shall blog about shortly.)

Yes, I had big plans for my summer in Riga. I had even outlined a daily schedule to manage my time. It went like this:

08:30 – Wake up & Go for a run
09:30 – Shower & Breakfast
10:00 – Write
14:00 – Cook lunch & walk around Riga
16:00 – Draw
18:00 – Learn Latvian
19:00 – Cook dinner
20:00 – Respond to blog comments. SEO activities & design tweaks for my blog
21:00 – Free time to explore the city, better understand the local culture and connect with locals

My actual average day turns out to be more like this:

12:00 – Wake up with a splitting headache and parched mouth
12:15 – Lie in bed, piecing together the events of the last night
12:45 – Crawl out of bed and go have a shower
13:00 – Go to make breakfast only to realize it’s time to have lunch. Cook lunch.
14:00 – Check for messages on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Couchsurfing
16:00 – Facebook poke a few people
16:30 – Continue to fuck around on the Internet
17:00 – Nap time
19:00 – Cook dinner
20:00 – Leave the house and go to Old Town to start drinking
22:00 – Happy hour at Spot Kafe (2-for-1 cocktails/shots)
01:00 – Happy hour at Shot Bar (2-for-1 cocktails)
03:00 – Unknown. There is possibly dancing involved.
04:00 – Stop by at McDonalds or Pelmenis (for dumplings) on the way home
04:30 – Sleep

Technically, you could say that I didn’t quite achieve my initial goals for the summer. But then again, I’ve had loads of fun and met lots of awesome people. Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to catch up with writing when I’m back on the ship!

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41 Comments for The Truth Of What I’m Doing In Riga

Raymond @ Man On The

Aha! So the truth comes out. Tsk, tsk. We had such high hopes for you Roy. High hopes… 🙁



Wow, your original schedule looks almost exactly like my original schedule for the summer (aside from the learning Latvian part as I have a feeling that wouldn't get me very far in China…. of course, I could make learning Mandarin a goal but I don't want to set too many crazy goals for myself. I figured getting back in shape & writing a book were plenty crazy enough.)
Not surprisingly my actual schedule is looking pretty similar to your actual schedule but with less drinking and McDonald's (if only because there aren't any people around to drink with me or any McDonald's within stumbling distance from my place).
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    Roy Marvelous

    Latvian isn't useful in China?!


ha, very funny post 🙂

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks 🙂


Hahahahahahaha. Thank you. I'm still laughing.


Live it up! Looking forward to your festival adventures.
I was bummed about the lack of people to drink with here in Bogota… until… I discovered a drum n bass club. Who needs people when you have a dance floor!?!
My recent post Cali, Colombia: New Friends and All the Sun You Can Handle

    Roy Marvelous

    Indeed. :heart: D&B


Ha! If you spend less time writing and worrying about your schedule and more time in action doing it, you should be able to get something accomplished. Even if only Facebook poking a few people.

    Roy Marvelous

    I'm not really worried 😉


Oh I have been there, oh wait I'm there right now!
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3am usually is a black hole in those places 🙂 but you do have a lot fun I can tell! 😉
My recent post Pulau Besar, Where I Fell in Love with the Island Life

    Roy Marvelous

    Yes I do 😀


Read through your site an hour ago and I'm STILL laughing. thanks!
My recent post Wheels Down – Part III

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks Maria 🙂

Caanan @ NVR

You did make a sandwich and, when you really cut to the chase, is there anything more important?
My recent post Awesome Adventures – Northern Lights Edition

    Roy Marvelous

    You're so right Caanan!


Aren't summer travels all about that? Making to-do lists and not keeping up to them just because, oh, what the hell, ITS VACATION? It happened pretty much the same for me during my week in Formentera… A beer at sunset turned into late night gin and tonics on say 6 out of 7 nights.
My recent post Return to the Blogosphere and a Wise Advice

    Roy Marvelous

    Hehe. As long as there's 1 day of rest huh? 😉


Don't feel bad. None of us accomplish what we wanted during the summer. Especially when we're traveling. It sounds like you're having a great time anyway!
My recent post Top 5 Labor Day Adventures

    Roy Marvelous

    Good point Jordan. If you can't enjoy summer, then what's the point?

Baiba Grinberga

Hahhha…now you know why I left that crazy country….way too cheap booze!!!:)


    Roy Marvelous

    Hehe 😉


Lol that looks like an ideal vacation for me….I mean the second list.
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bwahahaha! At least you are honest about it! Been there, still go there. Sometimes we just gotta live it up!
My recent post Photo: The OMFG Sunset

    Roy Marvelous

    Yeah. Why not huh!


I love the fact that nap time is only 5 hours after you originally wake up.

    Roy Marvelous

    And that's on a good day!

Caz Makepeace

Sounds like you are having an awesome time!!
My recent post Arriving in London Alone and Without Any Money

    Roy Marvelous

    Indeed I am 🙂


Sounds fun and relaxing! Enjoy =)
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Haha story of my life! I couldn't even remember what day it was when I was in South America..
My recent post Everyone Hates Cyclists

    Roy Marvelous

    What day is it anyway?

Robert L. Aldrich

Don't feel bad. None of us accomplish what we wanted during the summer. Especially when we're traveling. It sounds like you're having a great time anyway!

    Roy Marvelous

    I did! Now it's back to work.

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Nomadic Samuel

LOL, I love your honesty here. This was a fun read.

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks. I considered being dishonest. But I suck at lying.