Regrets And My Goodbye To Riga

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You know how people say it’s better to live life without regrets? Sure, that’s all great in theory but in practise it’s hard not regret somethings. I’d be lying to say that I didn’t have any regrets here in Riga. For example, those two Long Island Iced Teas from Shot cafe last night was probably a bad idea, even though it was fantastic value. These Long Island Iced Teas are like taking a magic pill which takes you from “0 to Fucked” in a matter of minutes.

Anyway, that’s not my biggest regret. My biggest regret is buckwheat. Or more specifically, that I only discovered buckwheat last weekend. I’m aware that that is probably not of those regrets that one would take to their grave but nevertheless it exists. (What, you really thought it was going to be something big?)

So why buckwheat? Buckwheat seems to be readily available in Latvian supermarkets and is not only cheaper than pasta or rice, it’s tastier and healthier. And it keeps you regular. It’s basically cooked in the same way as rice and easily substitutes it.

Even though I’ve tried to eat local cuisine while in Riga, I’ve admittedly not been very adventurous. I’ve had Traditional grey peas (called Pelēkie zirņi), which is served with smoked bacon and an onion cream sauce, lots of dumplings and a few dishes when I’ve visited Couchsurfers. However, as I have primarily cooked at home, I’ve stuck to only what I know, being pasta or rice. It never occurred to me that it would be interesting to cook with local ingredients. So it’s not so much buckwheat per se that I regret having missed out on, but the opportunity to cook using all the foreign ingredients at my disposal.

Anyway, it’s my last day in Riga and although I’ve only been here for roughly 7 weeks, I’ve developed a strong affinity to this city. To be fair, I came during my favourite season of the year – Summer. I imagine if I tried to survive a Latvian winter, I may not be as impressed. Anyway, I think Riga is a beautiful, walkable city with friendly people (at least for Europe) and an air of modesty which is endearing. Plus the happy hour offers here are excellent and it’s nice that clubs and bars have no fixed closing time.

Will I be back? I hope to one day. Realistically however, there’s so much in the world to explore that the prospect of recreating the same experience twice seems unimaginative. Sort of like Hangover 2, which I think is so bad that I’m afraid for what is wrong with the people who enjoyed it. (Unless they have a crush on Bradley Cooper, which of course would be the only acceptable excuse. After all, I liked Transformers 2 because Megan Fox was in it.)

Any travel regrets? And would you live in a place again if you liked it the first time or would you rather experience something new?

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11 Comments for Regrets And My Goodbye To Riga


I've lived in Lausanne (Switzerland) for 2 years, and now I have to leave. Although I'm very happy to start somewhere new (I mean, who doesn't want to ljve a while in London?!), I liked it here – both, during summer and winter. This may not be the time, but, in a couple of years, I may return (after all this is my second time living in Switzerland – now I'm only missi the italian part!!).
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    Roy Marvelous

    Wow. Always meant to visit Switzerland but scared about going broke.


I have regrets about not trying more foreign food as well. There's always time to try more though. Where will you be heading after Riga?
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    Roy Marvelous

    Back to the ship!


Nothing beats Food Tourism! Did you know you can get late night raw clams on the streets of Istanbul… I regret not slurping a few, though I probably would have regretted eating them the next day too, so I guess it's a wash?

As far as living somewhere twice. I dunno. I have 2 NYC tours of duty under my belt, and each one was different and unique in it's own way (I can say the same for Italy). Neither was better, just different. I don't think I'd want to live in Prague again tho. My favorite Kiwi wouldn't be there!? So what's the fun in that?

Oh, and I'm slowly trying to catch up… one post at a time!

    Roy Marvelous

    Wow. Good tip, I'm going to Istanbul in a couple of weeks.


Just went back to Granada, NIcaragua after having been there once before, years ago. This time though, I actually did something productive with myself while there. Having said that, nah, I wouldn't go back again. Too much else to see in this life.

And p.s. Have you seen Bridesmaids??!! Hi.Lar. I. ous. I might even venture to say FUNNIER than The Hangover! (Gasp! I know!)
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    Roy Marvelous

    Yes, Bridesmaids is WAY funnier!


I would generally say go somewhere new, especially if the time you spent there was significant enough to take in so much of the place such as you did in Riga. However, I was just in NY City for a few days and am already planning on going back as there are still so many things to see, do and experience there. Even within a particular place it might take multiple visits to experience it fully.

Buckwheat is awesome!

    Roy Marvelous

    I agree 🙂


Ten years ago I spent 9 months in the Philippines and did not eat even remotely enough local food. I do regret that. I should have also learned the language.

I will probably never go back and so I have to live with that.

    Roy Marvelous

    Cest la vie, huh?