Positivus Music Festival: Day 2

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Saturday morning: I crawled out of my tent, sleep deprived and hungover. The sky was gloomy and drizzly but everyone seemed to be in a jovial mood. Latvian people seem immune to the rain, unlike English people. It’s like Canadians, who look for any opportunity to be outside and running around, like a toddler on Red Bull.

Personally, I can’t stand rain if I’m sober, so the solution was quite simple. After a few rum and cokes, I was frolicking through the festival grounds not unlike a water buffalo through a paddy field.

We spent most of the day seeing bands and dancing. I can’t really remember many of the bands apart from Hurts, James and Editors (and that’s only because people told me I was there and that I liked it). And I wasn’t sure at which stage I was at for most of the time. Except for the Beach stage because it’s pretty obvious when you’re on a beach.

There are two things that I totally suck at. One is song/band/DJ names. And the other is my sense of direction. So music festivals for me is always an adventure because I dance and have lots of fun but I’m never quite sure who I had listened to or where I was. Oh wait, I also suck at photography. (Which I guess makes it three things.)

I didn’t do too much else apart from having a nap in the hammock-city and eating way too much free Maggi hot Chicken & Noodle and Mushroom soup. I’m very good at remembering food names. Maggi soups tastes mostly like sodium with yellow coloring but it’s nice when you’re cold and wet. It’s also useful if you have problems retaining water. By the way, I think hammocks are over-rated. I feel there is insufficient lumbar support. Maybe if you used it with a Tempur-Pedic cushion, it’d be more enjoyable.

Saturday night ended pretty much like Friday night. I was drunk, cold and wet. Sort of like a typical Saturday night in London. Except in this case, my tent was also partially flooded. Sleeping in a flooded tent is an unpleasant experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. (Okay, I can probably think of a few people who I could wish it on but that’s only because they are mean.)

Sunday morning was of course bright and sunny, almost like the weather Gods were just being spiteful. Whatever, it was time to go home. Positivus was kind of short compared with other festivals I’ve attended. But that’s okay because I’m too much of a princess to go for an extended period of time without a shower and bed.

In summary: Great facilities, well organized and foreigner-friendly. Highly recommended.

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5 Comments for Positivus Music Festival: Day 2


Have you heard of the Glastonbury? I was thinking of going to that one in the UK. Glad to know you had a fun frolicking time.

    Roy Marvelous

    Yes, meant to go when I was in the UK. I've heard it's awesome.


I think a Tempur-pedic hammock could be a great invention. You could make millions. Also, great water buffalo metaphor. Bahahah.
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    Roy Marvelous

    You know, I might have to look into this seriously…