Going Greek In Piraeus, Mykonos, Rhodes & Santorini

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I’m coming to the end of my first cruise, this contract. I’ve decided to take it easy this round and just walk around by myself in each of the ports. It’s a good way to orientate myself, which is just another way of saying that I don’t have any mates yet to hang out with and don’t have any money to spend yet because I drank all my savings over the last few months.

Anyway, over the past few days I’ve been to one Greek city (Piraeus) and three Greek islands (Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos). Before this, I’d only been to Karpathos island, 5 years ago. A few things have become apparent in my short visits to each of these places:

1) Paint
There must be a shortage of every color of paint apart from white and blue. It seems like ever single home is painted white with blue roofs and shutters. Even the blue is consistently the same shade of sky blue. I’m not sure if it’s the building code or that they are just incredibly unoriginal. But I bet that it must be really difficult to find your house, when you’re stumbling home drunk.

2) Traffic
People drive in Greece like they are drunk or suffering from an acute case of myopia, or both. Granted that these people may actually be tourists but nevertheless I had to exercise defensive walking.

3) Litter
Greece is dirty. People just throw crap everywhere. I walked up a hill and there was even a junkyard there. Who puts a junkyard on top of a hill?

4) Cats
Greeks seem to love having stray cats roam the streets. I wonder if cats are in fact the majority species in Greece, sort of like how there are 10:1 sheep to humans in New Zealand.

5) Weather
It’s really hot in Greece. Really. It looked like everyone here has a tan. Even the cats.

Here are a few specific observations about each of the places I’ve visited:

An ancient port of Athens, which looks like it’s sufferred the worst hand in Greece’s debt crisis. It’s so chaotic and rundown that looks like you could be in Bangkok, except without the backpackers or ping pong shows.

As you can imagine, the beaches here look lovely. It’s one of those places where they seem to have an array of gaudy t-shirts on offer. It’s probably a bit too touristy for my taste but it seems like the nightlife here would be amazing.

This was my favorite, especially the Old Town which I accidentally walked into and didn’t know that I did, until I realized that I was inside a walled medieval town. It also seemed cheaper that the other places in Greece.

A volcanic island that’s a bit touristy and slighty more expensive but beautiful. You can even ride a donkey up the hill instead of walking, which looks like it may be fun apart from the fact that the donkeys crap everywhere. It looks like it’s mostly straw but still, it’s straw that’s come out of a donkey’s ass.

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11 Comments for Going Greek In Piraeus, Mykonos, Rhodes & Santorini


I love your observations Roy – you're not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking!
My recent post Unravelling the Turkish Dolmus

    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks Liv 🙂


I hadn't thought about all those cats – but now that you mention it, you're probably right!
My recent post A Goodbye

James H

The cats always look really unkept too, I dont like goig near them!


Ha I love it, defensive walking is a nice way of putting it.
My recent post Packing for Prague

    Roy Marvelous

    It's the only to survive, I reckon.


I remember the heat, the stray dogs and cats, the trash and the drivers! Wow!

The stray dogs were particular about what they'd accept. Drop a potato from your plate, they'd sniff and look at you like, "WTF?" Drop meat and they'd scarf it before you could blink.

The trash and smog were bad in Athens but then I went north to Alexandropolis and Theselaniki which were very pretty cities but plagued with the bad driving.

good to see the differences but don't lose sight of the beauty and if you can, talk a little w/locals – they were very forgiving of my lack of Greek and helpful folks.

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    Roy Marvelous

    Thanks for the advice Maria. I shall see if I can make a short trip up north!

Robert L. Aldrich

The trash and smog were bad in Athens but then I went north to Alexandropolis and Theselaniki which were very pretty cities but plagued with the bad driving.

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