The Paris Detox & Why I’m Bored Of Foreign Food

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My “social protest alcohol-fast” is going well. Although, I must admit that everything seems less interesting sober. On the bright side, I realize now that I’m too cheap to ever be a alcoholic.

The great thing about detoxing in Paris is you save a ton of money. This is opposed to say Prague, where you’d end up paying more for water than beer. Besides, Paris is a beautiful city and has loads more to offer than alcohol. When you work on a cruise ship, you realize the only recreational activities at sea are watching TV, eating rice or getting drunk. So people invariably become alcoholics. At least in Paris, you can also admire beautiful buildings and gawk at hipsters in their natural habitat.

Apparently in Paris, the cheapest restaurants are the Asian ones. So we’ve visited a Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese restaurant so far. The Vietnamese and Japanese have been good possibly to the quality of what you can find in Toronto and Vancouver. I love eating big soupy bowls of Pho and Ramen. But that could also be because I’ve never been to Vietnam or Japan. The Thai however didn’t taste like anything I had in Thailand. In fact, it was so uninspired that I wondered if the chef had been forced to leave Thailand, out of disgrace. This is the curse of traveling – once you’ve tasted the real thing, it’s hard to settle for a poor facsimile. That’s why I’ll probably never want to eat a burrito outside of USA/Canada. Or Malaysian food outside of Malaysia. Or pies outside of New Zealand. So I guess the best thing when long-term traveling is to eat local or just cook.

We did go to a French restaurant the other day but I opted against getting anything. I’ve tried escargot before and it was okay. It’s kind of like chicken except rubbery and salty, so more like a salted, rubber chicken. Someone got steak tartare and it looked interesting. But to be honest, I didn’t care to try it. End of the day, the food you eat is just the fuel you choose for your body. I tried grasshoppers once in Thailand and found that it tasted exactly how I had expected – shit. So after that I decided that food doesn’t always need to be an expedition. I’m happy with baguettes and cheese as my introduction to local French cuisine.

Do you get fussy about food once you’ve tried the “real thing”?

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14 Comments for The Paris Detox & Why I’m Bored Of Foreign Food


I feel this way about chocolate. Once you have the good stuff it's hard to eat the shitty stuff! 🙂
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    Oh yeah, I'm that way about chocolate too. And beer. And bread. I think I'm just fussy!


Some of the best sushi I've had was in Paris. Loved it! Have to say, though, that I feel it's a crime to not eat French food when I'm there. Escargot is really not that common. I was there with a dear friend from Bordeaux and she'd only had escargot a few times in her life, once being with me in San Francisco.

My favorites, along with baguette and cheese, are duck confit-related things. Or wine-based stews. Or nearly anything with goat cheese. Gosh, there are cheap flights from Dublin to Paris this fall on Ryanair. I think now that I'll have to go — just for the food, if nothing else! Thanks for the nudge. 😉

ps: how does the internet work on ships? If it's decent, then you need to hire a bunch of gamer nerds. They are less likely to become alcoholics, though you might have to have mandatory link shutoffs in their room to get 'em to work. 😉


    Actually internet on ships is pricey and is pretty slow. Definitely not online gamer-friendly 😉


mm… steak tartare… that's a difficult one – it can be the best dish ever, but it can also be a huge mistake. I had never tried it until I arrived in Switzerland. I tried it and loved it. Had it again, and it was disgusting (different restaurant). Spent 6 months without wanting to be near of it, and then gave it another chance. I'm again in love with it. It always depends on the restaurant where you get the dish – shitty touristy cheap restaurants will never have the kind of food "local" food that will blow your mind… (neither do suspiciously cheap non-touristic ones, at least in Switzerland!).
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    I'll try steak tartare one day. Maybe.

Scott - QuirkyTravel

I'm not very fussy about food, but I haven't spent much time outside the U.S. so I haven't experienced the variety of cuisines some people have. I eat a lot of authentic Mexican, but I still like Taco Bell, so I'm guessing this is one problem I wouldn't encounter while traveling.
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    Try "Mexican food" in New Zealand and then answer this question again! 🙂


don't know how exactly i stumbled across your blog….but i've now spent a couple of hours reading it! exciting saturday night huh? haha..actually, i've really enjoyed your story telling skills and the've been bookmarked my friend 🙂


    Thanks 😀


i could eat ramen every single day! love that stuff!
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    Okay, I guess I like ramen too!


I'm fussy about bad food. Oddly enough the first thing I wanted to eat when I returned to Canada was sushi, which is Canadian food to me 🙂


    Have to say that sushi in Toronto & Vancouver is awesome. But one of my Japanese friends noted that sushi isn't actually their main food!