My Blind Date From CouchSurfing

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Insert Drawing :)

I received an unusual text message “This is X. I saw your number on CouchSurfing. I’m looking for company tonight. Want to meet and party?”

I wasn’t sure what to think. Yes, I had posted my number on my Couchsurfing profile but didn’t really expect anyone to contact me without first emailing me through the site. So this was kinda weird. So weird, that I knew I should say yes.

Before I started working on cruise ships, I would assume that most invitations from women were platonic unless stated otherwise. I’m just used to having lots more female friends than male friends. I think it’s because they smell nicer. Anyway, when I first started working on ships and if a girl invited herself over to my cabin to watch a movie at 2 am when the crew bar closed, I assumed it was because of my excellent selection of new release movies.

Since working on ships, I now assume that everyone really just wants to have sex. (If you look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sex is a much more important need than watching Hollywood blockbusters)

But wait, I wasn’t even sure if this was a guy or girl. So I called the number. The person on the other side did sound somewhat female so I agreed to meet her. Wait, was this a date? I was meeting a girl for drinks and dancing. It sounded like a date. Yes, I know Couchsurfing is not a dating site but you know what, Couchsurfing is not a cooking site either but people still sometimes end up cooking.

Now, the only problem is I had no idea what this girl looked like or anything at all about her. What if she was hideous? Seeing that it’s Riga, that’s highly improbable. What if she was boring? I guess I could just drink more until she became interesting. But what if this was some elaborate ploy by the Russian mafia where attractive girls contact naive foreign men on social networks, take them out drinking and dancing, while their cards are cloned and bank accounts depleted? (There’s actually a scam going around in Riga where gorgeous girls invite foreigners on the street to go to clubs with them. When they get their bill at the end of the night, they find out that the drinks they bought the girls had cost hundreds.)

I was convinced that this girl had a scam going. Despite having hosted over a hundred strangers over the years, I generally have trust issues when it comes to women. I think it goes back to when I was 7 and a girl named Karen who I had a crush on, borrowed my blue crayon but never gave it back. My mum warned me after that, that women are dangerous and should never be trusted. She herself was a primary school teacher, and would periodically bring up anecdotes of naughty girls who had manipulated naive boys to do their evil bidding. I never saw that blue crayon again. I had to settle for purple which just doesn’t look right when you’re trying to draw an ocean.

Anyway, I was curious and still wanted to meet this girl. I decided to remove my bank cards and ID from my wallet and carry just enough money for the night. I headed to the meeting point and met X. She seemed normal enough but I made sure to check periodically that I hadn’t been pick-pocketed. We went to a bar and had a few drinks. Then some dancing. Then more drinks because we realized that we were kind of bored of each other (she didn’t really know how to dance). Then a friend called me and I promptly invited him to join us. Then she called a friend of hers and invited him to join us too. The blind date had evolved into a 3 guy, 1 girl outing.

Finally, I announced that I was tired and was going home, leaving my friend with the other two. It was more boring than bizzare but at least I still had my wallet with me.

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44 Comments for My Blind Date From CouchSurfing


Roy you make me laugh!! Half expected this to turn out way got away lightly me thinks! 😛


    I'm almost disappointed it didn't turn out weirder…


I thought she'd be more interesting since she did have the gumption to call you at random from a Couchsurfing profile. Yikes! Don't know if I'd return that call. But at least you were smart about it. Taking your ID and bank cards out of your wallet before meeting up is plain genius.


    Yeah I know! I guess if she was more interesting she wouldn't have had to call up random strangers for company.


Brave of you to even meet her, me thinks. Sounds to me like you have gotten over the blue crayon tragedy!!
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    More or less. I still won't lend girls any of my crayons.


Your writing is wonderful! I so much enjoyed this post, that I read four previous posts, and I think I will continue until I reach the beginning 🙂 Please keep writing, and good luck with your adventures here 🙂


    Thanks for reading 🙂


Best line ever: "Yes, I know Couchsurfing is not a dating site but you know what, Couchsurfing is not a cooking site either but people still sometimes end up cooking." HAHAHAHA! I totally discourage people from thinking of it as a sleazy place to flirt or take advantage of travelers, yet I did meet my husband at a CS meeting.

This post totally made me LOL IRL. Thanks, Roy. 😀
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    Roy Marvelous

    I guess it all depends on intention huh.


You could have mentioned if she was hot. I suppose everyone expects kinky details like that….
And you have a cool blog. Welcome to Riga!

    Roy Marvelous

    Haha, I was trying to avoid the kinky details 😉
    She was attractive.


Hmm, what if she had brought along a blue crayon as a token gift? And yes, I also expected this to turn out way weirder, but glad you are still in one piece and not the target of the Mafia. And in the future, maybe you should leave at least the ID in your wallet, in case, you know, you DO end up as the target of the Mafia through the efforts of a lovely Rigan lady with a blue crayon.
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    Roy Marvelous

    What if she had brought along a blue crayon? Then she'd be the one!

Ian [EagerExistence]

"Yes, I know Couchsurfing is not a dating site but you know what, Couchsurfing is not a cooking site either but people still sometimes end up cooking."

I think everyone has slept with at least one host at one stage or another. I've been surfing for 3 months solid, and I've heard so many stories. Not one like yours yet though.

And yes, you should have described her. I mean, I get that you can't really post pictures…

In Amsterdam the other day, before I arrived, my friend and I arrived a "coffee meeting" with a girl. She brought 3 friends along, we partied, and soon it was 2 girls, 2 guys. After midnight, and a dozen drinks it turned a bit naughty. The next day we agreed that if a girl agrees to meet for coffee an hour after you arrive, and shes not single (thee girls werent)… then there is going to be some COOKING going on.
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    Roy Marvelous

    Don't get me wrong Ian. I don't actually like the idea of people using Couchsurfing to hook up. But if a girl asks me out, I'll still consider it 😉


I used to lend crayons. After the divorce I just buy a box of crayons and give it to a woman I don't like. Saves money, time and space. Nice article, btw. I was kind of waiting for the twist at the end.

    Roy Marvelous

    I know, it was a bit anti-climatic huh?


      "anti-climactic! anti-climatic means you're against…the weather."
      (sorry couldn't help it)
      but seriously this was all set up to end in a kinky foursome. tsk tsk.
      My recent post I Was Slicing Up An Avocado

        Roy Marvelous

        Too many guys, bean 😉


Ha I love it. After all that, she didn't want to crash on your couch?

    Roy Marvelous

    Evidently not! Maybe she went home with one of the other 2 guys haha.

Bluegreen Kirk

I was hoping it ended like one of your Blockbuster movie night are at least some weird stuff happening. Seems like you writing about the night was more fun then the night itself.


sounds like quite an unexpected misadventure. did your friend tell you what happened after you left? was it as awesome as i'm imagining it?
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    Roy Marvelous

    I imagine not as my friend has a girlfriend 😉

Sune Keller

Off topic: I love how there's still a spot of white inside the 'R' on the T-shirt in the drawing!

    Roy Marvelous

    thanks Sune 🙂


This was a great read…I was waiting for the dirty details…haha! Seriously…I was.

    Roy Marvelous

    You me both, haha.

Jade Johnston

Hahaha! What a random CS encounter! Cool of you to go out and meet her though. I would have been too weirded out.
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    Roy Marvelous

    Yeah, I do weird things like that sometimes.


Brave that you went to meet her and shame you never ended up cooking 😉
Cs is a bit like that sometimes, you never know what to expect from people or what their expectations of you are!
Very funny read i must say!

    Roy Marvelous

    Oh well, at least I got a story out of it!


Well that was more uneventful than expected! It’s good that you do still have your wallet with you though. I never would have thought about taking out my ID and bank cards. I’ll keep that in mind, although I’ll probably never get the chance to do it. What exactly was this girl trying to get from you? Weird…

    Roy Marvelous

    I suspect just some free drinks 😉


She did not dance well, but then… maybe she could cook?

    Roy Marvelous



great story! i once had an inofficial date off couchsurfing, but we still talk and are facebopok friends so i cant really write about it – ha!
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    Roy Marvelous

    Now I'm curious!!

Camels & Chocolate

Ha, your ship is polar opposite of mine–there is very little hooking up as the staff is all (single) females! The crew is mostly male, but we're not really allowed to inter-mingle.

    Roy Marvelous

    How do I come on as staff to your ship?? 😀

Cole @ FourJandals

Haha classic. Random read for a Tuesday. Much appreciated.
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haha! This is great! But, a girl who doesn't know how to dance… sheesh, too bad! And I love the little story about Russians. There's a song called 'Russian Girl' and one of the lyrics go, "you're a devil in disguise.." 😀
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