Meeting Strippers In Riga (It’s Not What You Think. Honest.)

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For some reason, I seem to bump into strippers in Riga. No, I do not go brothels nor do I go to strip clubs. I just meet them at clubs and bars, and when I’m drunk I enjoy chatting with everyone. Especially if they are attractive and female.

Now, the funny thing is it’s not like these strippers are trying to sell me any services. It just comes up in normal conversation. These conversation normally go like this.

Me: “Sveiki”

Them: “Sveiki. (Insert incomprehensible Latvian)”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t know Latvian. All I know how to say is “sveiki”

Them: “Oh sorry, my English is bad. (continues to speak in fluent English)

Them: “Where are you from?”

Me: “New Zealand”

Them: “Wow. Like Lord of the Rings”

Me: “Yes.” (rolls eyes)

Them: “So what are you doing here?”

Me: “I’m on vacation. I work on cruise ship for 6 months, then go on vacation for 3 months. This time I chose Riga”.

Them: “Wow, what a cool job.”

Me: “What do you do?”

Them: “I work as an dancer at Club X.” (And soon it’s revealed that it’s less like salsa and more like undressing)

I’m sure I’ve met lots of people who happened to work as strippers but the interesting thing for me is that these women announced their occupation with such blasé that they could have just mentioned that they were teachers or accountants. Sure, it pays much better than teaching and is probably better for occupational health than a desk job, but there’s a bit of a stigma right? I had a friend in university who worked part-time as a stripper. She kept it a secret from most people except for a few friends. (She was actually quite good but I don’t think she was too impressed that one time we went to her work to support her. When I had a job at Starbucks, I was always pleased to see my friends come and visit. Some people just don’t know how to show gratitude.)

Anyway, I understood her not wanting everyone to know she stripped for money. She had lots of money which is of course is unusual for a student. But she explained it by telling people she sold drugs. (This of course created awkward situations where people would come to her house looking to buy marijuana. She ended up having to buy weed just so that she could re-sell it and keep up with the ruse.)

Regardless of the complexity of my friend’s situation, I understood her motivations. Hell, I’m too embarrassed to even admit that I work in IT. I rather say that I peddle porn, which is a better description of what I do anyway. You know, maybe these girls were in a similar situation. They could be Systems Administrators at strip clubs but were too embarrassed by the shame that comes with working in IT.

Just in case you’re wondering, nothing really comes from these conversations. These women just amuse themselves by talking to me and I eventually ask them for their Facebook because I want to promote my blog. Okay, that last bit was a lie. I just think it’d be awesome to be Facebook friends with a bunch of hot strippers. Surprisingly, all of them give me their real Facebook name but none of them ever “confirm” our friendship. Which hurts.

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18 Comments for Meeting Strippers In Riga (It’s Not What You Think. Honest.)

Jade Johnston

Heh! Love this story! There are so many strip clubs in Riga (probably the fault of drunk British bachelor parties) that it would be hard not to bump into any! Well I say good for you. All the others guys in the bar must have been jealous of you chatting up the pretty ladys 😀

Jade Johnston |
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    Roy Marvelous

    Good point. There are lots of British stag parties here, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Caanan @ NVR

regarding the picture – I have never met a stripper who wears a one piece. Ever. 🙂
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I love this story and I love even more your ms paint drawings lol
That's so funny

Have a good day,
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    Roy Marvelous

    thanks Anita 🙂


Its funny how people some would rather be perceived as a dealer than as a stripper. I'm not sure what it means, but its interesting.
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    Roy Marvelous

    Weird huh?


You know, having gone to school and hung around strippers in a pretty conservative and definitely puritan area of the US, I have to say that that title is a pretty loaded word. I can't say I'd ever be willing to subject myself to that kind of judgment, because there's a lot of it, but I do admire the flack of the girls I met who didn't care who knew what they did and really owned it. That's hard to do with so many people (and society) telling you what a slut you are. In that region, girls are strippers before they can be anything else…as in, "Oh, she's nice, but she's a stripper." Yet… the strippers I knew were definitely some of the most fearless people around.

Cheers Roy, hope you're still enjoying Riga!
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    Roy Marvelous

    Agreed. And their confidence makes me respect them even more.


haha funny trains of thought here! And what's wrong with IT? 😀 Do you work for a pornography company or something? AND cruiseships? That's interesting. I met this girl once who worked on pornography/softcore tease stuff as a web designer. She has a whole portfolio on this industry! She gave me and my BF each a copy of this big boobs teaser video. It was weird. We watched it together but none of us are into big boobs. I mean the ridiculously huge out of proportion kind on skinny chicks. So we gave them away. 😛
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    Roy Marvelous

    Gave them ALL away??
    No, I work on a cruise ship but my job involves facilitating access to pay-per view movies 😉

Ellijay property

Wow! i really like the confidence with she declared that she is a stripper. I think she has chosen it as her profession and she is proud of it

    Roy Marvelous

    Indeed. And why not?


that's sad, considering they've had such nice conversations with you before hand. uppity strippers hahaha.
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    Roy Marvelous

    It happens. They probably sobered up and thought "wtf was that guy?".