Paris Rendevous With The Hejorama Crew

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I finally arrived in Paris after a roundabout journey from London via Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Katowice and Prague. For the final leg of my journey from Prague to Paris, I decided to take a flight. Hitchhiking is fun when you aren’t on a deadline to be somewhere but I wanted to get to Paris as soon as possible, so flying was the best option. Fortunately, I managed to get a reasonable last minute Easyjet flight.

The surprising thing about Easyjet is that they are very friendly. This is unsettling after becoming accustomed to being treated like an untouchable on other low-cost airlines. Therefore, I was very wary of the friendly Easyjet representative as he asked to weigh my bag. I watched him like a hawk, waiting for him to freak out at some trivial detail that I had forgotten.

But everything was fine. Apparently Easyjet treats customers like humans, not vermin. What a novelty.

I got to Paris and immediately regretted not following through with my plan to being fluent in French within 3 months. After gawking at signs in the airport for about half an hour, I managed to fumble my way to to the metro station. Fortunately, the metro in Paris is very well designed, extensive and intuitive. It’s as it was designed by someone clever, much unlike Toronto’s TTC system which looks like it was designed by someone with ADHD and lost interest halfway through.

Being in Paris for the first time was interesting. No matter how much I travel, I still expect to see the stereotypes. As you can imagine, I was a bit disappointed when I did not see anyone wearing a beret or carrying a baguette. I did however see a couple really going at it. Well, either they were making out or the guy was trying to floss his girlfriend’s teeth with his tongue. Nevertheless, there was some display of affection

The surreal thing about Paris is it’s like the United Nations. I could be in New York or Toronto right now and it’d look the same, except that everyone’s speaking French. I’m just guess that they are speaking French but I have no clue. I feel like I’m deaf, mute and partially retarded. Maybe that’s why strangers are so willing to help me. In fact, Parisians are much more approachable than people say. From what people were saying, I was expecting to be pushed in front of a metro if I spoke a word of English.

I finally got to Alex’s place just after midnight. I’ll be couchsurfing and coworking with him for a bit, while we collaborate on further developing Exciting!

Have you ever been to Paris?

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7 Comments for Paris Rendevous With The Hejorama Crew


> I could be in New York or Toronto right now and it’d look the same, except that everyone’s speaking French…

And there are no skyscrapers in the heart of the city.

I maintain that Parisians are a little pretentious, but – as I see it – they live in Paris, so they have every right to be. Honestly, they are really no more pretentious than New Yorkers or people who call San Francisco "THE city." 🙂
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    There's definitely a disproportionate number of hipsters here!


I've always had very positive interactions with Parisians. I'd like to imagine that it is because I look French and am very sophisticated. lol :p
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    I think they behave like people in another other big city.


No berets? No baguettes? What about French dressing?!!
Cannot afford Paris, so I have yet to go. Someday, I will be there. Good to know I will not be thrown in front of an oncoming bus for speaking the vile English.
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    I know, I was disappointed too!

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