My Greatest Weakness, My Greatest Strength

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Insert Drawing :)

Normally, you can expect a seasoned traveler to be trained at navigating their way through foreign cities and streets. Not me. I would ask for directions in Toronto and London all the time. even after living there for 2 years. In fact, my sense of direction is so bad, that I still get lost on the ship. And its not even that big!

Needless to say, my lack of sense of direction is my greatest weakness, followed closely by my lack of photography skills. Rather than get embarrassed or insecure, I find it exciting. I have no idea if I’ll find myself accidentally in Rszeszow or mugged in Peru.

My favorite part however is that I get to talk to more strangers. I used to be incredibly shy as a kid and had to muster all my courage to talk to new people. Now I can safely say that I’m happy to approach most people without feeling insecure. Even if they’re rude, I just rationalize it’s because they are suffering from hemorrhoids or haven’t had sex in a while.

Similarly, I suck at taking photos. Rather than wallow in my inadequacy when compared to photographers such as these, I express myself with MS Paint instead. Not to say I’m spectacular at MS Paint but at least I have fun. Basically when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade bring out the tequila!

How have you turned a weakness into a strength?

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    Not sure where the text went, so let's try this again from the top…and a 1, and a 2….

    I have a weakness for booze, but I somehow find the strength to keep at it. Does that count? xD


      Absolutely. You ability to commit is a rare strength!!


I drink too much, but it does mean I meet lots of people 🙂
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    Yup that's a strength 😉

Rodney Makohoniuk

Mr. Roy saw a picture of you the other day on my camera from WAY!!! back when, think it was the Tequila party at the Bat Cave, yeah I know, that was a WHILE ago… But wait, not sure where I was headed with this, oh yeah, *note : not sure how this is connected with the above comment* you are actually VERY good with MS Paint. I think your pictures are great and only compliment the already awesome writing that is you.


    Thanks Rodney, you rock. That tequila party was messy!!


Your strength is actually my weakness. I'm an introvert so I find it hard to just talk to a complete stranger. But because of my greatest strengths- adaptability and determination- I have been able to learn how to be an outgoing introvert =) Anyways I'm glad your a bad photographer because I like your snazzy drawings.
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    There you go, your strengths compensated for the weakness 🙂

Jeremy B

I've gone through this as well. In my trip to Spain and Portugal, I spent a lot of time analyzing my strengths and weaknesses when I travel. I don't always like the way I travel but each of us has strengths and weaknesses for sure. It takes being honest with yourself and it helps to get feedback from others as well.
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Thanks Bean 🙂

Scott - QuirkyTravel

No need for pics when you have such clever sketches! I love the look of your blog because the drawings really make it unique. Great way to stand out, and great way to turn a weakness into a strength!
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