Leaving On A Jet Plane

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I’m currently sitting in Seattle Airport counting down the hours till my flight to UK.

I disembarked the ship today, another contract done. You know that feeling when you first left home – that nervous excitement of uncertainty and freedom? That’s what it’s like to be back on land after 6 months of living on a ship. I’ve left the comfortable womb of ship life to venture back into the big bad world. Where will I get my next meal when I’m hungry? How will I get my laundry done? Who will make my bed? It’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to be an adult again.

Readjusting to the real world takes time. It like when people get released from prison after a very long time. For many of them, their first instinct is to go back. I need to de-institutionalize myself.

This time, I’m resisting making firm travel plans but the uncertainty is nerve-wrecking. My loose plans are to spend the next 2 weeks in London, then fly to Tallinn, then head to Riga Good Times then to Vienna Calling then to Paris. After that I have no idea, not even which (if any) ship I’ll be going to.

Also apart from the flight from London to Tallinn, nothing is booked. I’m trying to challenge myself to not plan and just go with the flow. We’ll see what happens!

What are you’re travel plans for summer?

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12 Comments for Leaving On A Jet Plane


I'm goin HOME (to the Tdot) to re-establish a stable life.. so I somewhat understand your emotions right now.
But I'm envious of your adventure.. I find the best travels are those that are unplanned so you just go where the wind takes you. Good luck! And I hope that even though you are off the cruise you will still be updating on your land cruising.
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    You're back to TO for good? Yeah I guess I might as well keep blogging 🙂


This remind me of a song, leaving on a jet plane. And the scene from movie Armageddon. Then they are leaving to 'save the earth', they all sing the song, loudly, cheerfully but with a lot of sadness.


    I always think of that scene from Armageddon too haha!

Cathy Sweeney

I'm sure it is nerve-racking to be at loose ends when you've been in such a structured environment for a while. Just think of the uncertainty as a very cool adventure with countless options ahead. Have fun whatever you decide!
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    Very true, Cathy. Thanks!


I see you already have a couple of trips coming up – I can't wait to read more on your adventures!
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    Yeah definitely looking forward to the trips 😀


Were you really excited to leave the ship? Most people at the end of their contract seemed to be. I was only on for 3 weeks so I was sad to leave. Next time I'll be on for 4 months, so I wonder how it will be at the end of that contract. Sounds like you're going to have an awesome summer, though!
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    I'm always sad to leave. I think it depends a lot on the job you do and the people you're with. Which ship are you going to Katie??