Acapulco Is Awesome

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We were in Acapulco today. I don’t know what it is about this place but I always seem to have problems making good plans for Acapulco. I decided to join some people for lunch and after that to a water-park. I love Mexican food so I was really excited to eat some yummy goodness.

Unfortunately there seemed to be some miscommunication. For some crew members, “eating lunch in Mexico” means going to McDonald’s. Apparently, they were afraid of getting food-poisoning. I would be more afraid of getting heart disease from too much McDonald’s. Anyway, I was I was too hungry to care by this stage because I had carelessly missed breakfast – so McDonald’s it was.

One thing I hate to admit is McDonald’s has a way of making a traveler feel “at home”. The menu is predictable and the food is predictably mediocre. It’s almost like being in a abusive relationship where you’re too afraid to leave. Too their credit, it’s pretty cool that most McDonald’s have free wifi and this one even converted our USD to Pesos at the standard exchange rate. It’s almost like a traveler’s haven, apart from serving food that is horrible for your health.

After lunch, I was left wishing that I was bulimic. No luck, I’m going to have a fat day tomorrow. Once we got to the water-park, I remembered that I hate getting wet. So I left the others and decided to walk off my lunch instead.

It was nice to walk along the beach. Acapulco is not nearly the shit-hole that so many people seem to claim it to be. I eventually found myself back at Paradise Point, the bar that I visited last cruise. A bunch of crew were just leaving, about to head to a resort. We jumped in a cab and headed to the resort.

Cab prices in Acapulco seem to be set on a sliding-scale based on the GDP of the passengers’ country of origin. Our first ride cost $20 because we had mostly Americans. The second ride was a similar distance but we had mostly Latinos, so it cost only $4. From now onwards, I refuse to share a cab with anyone from a developed nation. Imagine what the Scandinavians must have to pay!

The resort was loads of fun, especially since there was no cover-charge. There was a big pool with floaty mats and a bar that you could swim up to. Fortunately, this bar did not seem to have people peeing in it. We played water sports, hung out, drank and were generally ridiculous. Turned out to be an awesome day.

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6 Comments for Acapulco Is Awesome


Nice to get your take on it, I have heard such mixed reviews from people.
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    Yeah I don't think it makes a great first impression.


Absolutely love your pics you pout with your posts. Thanks for giving me an inside look to Acapulco!


    You're welcome Anthony 🙂


I always love this city and I go for the local cousin when I am in Acapulco.
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    Yeah, you just need to know where to go.