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We were in Huatulco again for one last time today. There’s not all that much by the port but that’s okay because it was a nice, sunny day and there’s a beach that’s decent enough for a few hours of rest and relaxation. The only thing about Huatulco that irks me is it’s scammy.

Scam Number 1: Jet Ski Damage.
Last time we were in port, some crew members went to hire jet skis. Upon returning them, the rental people demanded extra money because they noticed “some damage”. Guess what happened this time when some friends went to hire jet skis? Yup, same scam. Fortunately, they managed to resolve it after a huge fuss. Really stupid to try and screw the crew like that because word will get around.

Scam Number 2: Hidden Charges
Some of my friends went to the restaurant by the beach. They ordered beers and food. Later on some other friends joined them and ordered beers and food, as well. When the final bill came, they were presented only with a combined total. After asking for an itemized break-down they found out there was a mandatory $18 service charge plus extra an charge for sauces plus they were charged an extra $48 for 12 beers they didn’t order. In this case, they did not have time to argue because they were running late to get back on the ship.

Unfortunately, these scams can happen anywhere so it’s always important to be careful. Examine rental gear before accepting it. And with unfamiliar restaurants, always read the small print on the menu and insist on seperate bills. Or pay when you receive your meal. And of course, always check the bill. If they can’t accomodate your needs, go somewhere which will.

For me, this is just another reason to support street vendors which is exactly what I had done. I had returned to the taco vendor I discovered last year. This time, it was crowded with more people. I was annoyed that so many people had discovered my secret. After waiting impatiently, I finally ordered 2 tacos, one beef and one chicken, each double wrapped in freshly made soft tortilla shells. I topped them with guacomole, cilantro and lime juice. It was amazing. Total price? $2.

On my way back, someone asked me if I was afraid of getting food poisoning. Frankly, no. You just need to use some common sense. If a street vendor is busy with lots of local customers, that’s good enough for me.

Besides, the worst thing that could happen is you get food poisoning and you lose a few pounds. Cheaper than Weight Watchers!

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6 Comments for Scams & Tacos

Bluegreen Kirk

Its sad but those types of the things seem to happen everywhere. People do it because for the most part people either dont pay attention or like the other have to hurry on to something else. Thanks for the post.


    Absolutely, anywhere there are tourists there are going to be (some) people waiting to take advantage.

Scott - QuirkyTravel

scams are one of the biggest concerns i have about international travel. i guess you just have to keep your guard up at all times!
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    Definitely, anytime money is involved.

Jessica P

You definitely make a good point about always being on guard. I find this to be sage advice when traveling in places you are unfamiliar with.

That being said, I have run into a couple of these things while on vacation in Huatulco. Tip – for JetSki renters – take pics of the equipment before hitting the water. Get every angle so they can not suggest you damaged the JetSkis during your usage.

For anyone looking to vacation out in Huatulco, I encourage you to read – plenty of great advice for what to do and how to do it in Huatulco.


    Thanks Jessica. Never thought about taking photos but that makes sense!