No Hugs For You

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Insert Drawing :)

Sometimes I get some weird ideas. When I started at my new ship 6 weeks ago, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to try to be anti-social. I was getting worried that I needed to be around people too much and I get attached to people too easily. That seems like a disadvantage when you are a nomad. So I figured that if I could train myself to be detached, I would attain solo traveler enlightenment. I would be able to walk the Earth, undeterred by the weakness of human emotions.

We were in San Diego today. It was embark day and there was a large crew changeover. I waved goodbye to the leaving crew, as I walked into town to do some shopping. Minutes later it occurred to me, the last time I was in San Diego I had organized a Free Hugs event. That was the person I used to be not too long ago.

I think my “experiment” had worked only too well. I hadn’t even considered hugging anyone goodbye as I walked by them. It’s almost like I’ve regressed into some sort of hermit, who prefers spending time drawing on MS Paint to socializing with others.

Evidently, I was wrong about my original hypothesis. Without people, we are nothing. Even if it’s just for a short time, rather than be detached, we should always make the most of our offline time with others.

I guess this means I’m heading to the crew bar tonight!

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 41:4:3 | 13:51]

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25 Comments for No Hugs For You


Glad you came to your senses and went to the bar!

There is nothing wrong with solitude and peace. Sometimes we need retreat to reconect with ourselves. But hugs are good too!
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    Indeed, I think it's all about finding balance.


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What, you are hilarious with your social experiments. That said sometimes I get to a place and just decide not to connect with people but most of the time I regret it.
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You were in San Diego? Next time let me know and I'll go to your free hugs event- provided I get to escape my cubicle.


    I'm back in SD on May 7th. Don't think I'd do Free Hugs then but we could hang out!


      Yeah totally! Email me grace at pinayonthemove dot com


Yeah, hugs, people, and hugging people are what life is all about. You silly Couchsurfer, you! You should know this. 😉

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    Thanks for the hug 😀

Bluegreen Kirk

To each his/her own I am more of a hermit and my wife is a hugger, Imagine that!!! For some people its all about being around others all the time. I dont mind spending sometime with groups but would prefer just explorering and hanging out by myself.


    Interesting combination haha!


San Diego! Free hugs! Two of my favorite things!

I apparently also really like exclamation points.
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Kent @ NVR Guys

Ah, so it was YOU who attacked us with your hugs last time we were in San Diego. I kid.

Please write a post about the crew bar. I bet there's a lot of good stories in a night spent there 🙂
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    Haha okay, will do!


now go hugging!
much love
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    Yeah, I think I will organize one this summer 😀


At least you got better at Paint 🙂

I go thru those days myself, just want to be unattached and not feel dependent. But you are right, we are nothing without people. I mean what would this blog be without all of us reading it and commenting on it?!
SO get out there and hug already!


    Good point Ann 🙂


Hug is not a four-letter word. Glad you're staying enlightened… xD
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Hug is not a four-letter word. Glad you're staying enlightened… xD
My recent post Life and Death in Peru — The Plight of the Humble Guinea Pig

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Don't do that again.
I'm needy like that too though – where I feel as if I should try to not want to be around people so much, but I like connecting. Keep up the hugs!
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    Hey I didn't say I was needy! Did I?

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