Coffee, Beans & Costa Rican Biodiversity

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We were in Punteranas again today. Last time I was here I saw crocodiles, which was nice. But this time I wanted to do something closer to my heart – drink coffee, eat food and find free wifi.

So I took a tour to Cafe Britts roasters. On the way, we passed by downtown San Jose. I was quite suprised at how modern San Jose was. Then again, anything compared with Punteranas will seem modern. We stopped by some monument which the tour guide seemed very happy about. He chatted on about how Costa Rica has very high levels of investment in education, technology and medical care and he attributed it to the country not having an army. Definitely sounds like an interesting country to come back and visit.

We also took a stop at INBioparque. It was an old coffee plantation converted into a representation of Costa Ricaโ€™s main Ecosystems: Rainforest, Pre-Mountainous Forest, Wetlands and Dry Forest. It was actually really interesting to see how Costa Ricans are so excited about preserving their rich biodiversity. It was also interesting to see how corporations from US and China were already trying to exploit the developing Costa Rican economy. Hopefully, the environment will survive.

We finally made it to the roasters and had a little tour of the coffee making process. It’s actually very involved. Coffee is selected by hand and then submerged in water and then dried and then roasted. I probably missed a step because at this stage I discovered that the place had free wifi. But still, it was fascinating. It was kind of like visiting a coffee temple. We also went through the history of coffee starting in Ethiopia, then the Arab world, then Europe, Asia and the Americas. There was even a hillarious skit, which successfully took my attention away from the wonders of free wifi access.

After that was lunch. Costa Rican food is basically rice and beans and meat but not spicy. I loved it and managed to heap three helpings before it got too painful to eat anymore. And of course I tried the coffee. And by that, I mean I tried every single coffee they had. It was wonderous. Possibly the best coffee I’ve ever tried. I drank so much coffee that I began shaking and speaking very rapidly. It was like being in the Disneyland for coffee-addicts. I finally purchased Poa’s volcanic earth coffee to use with my french press* on the ship. I selected it partly because it’s medium and full-bodied and I liked the picture of the volcano on the bag. Everyone’s going to be so jealous.

(*For more info about using a french press, check out this article)

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14 Comments for Coffee, Beans & Costa Rican Biodiversity


I'm glad to see how excited Costa Ricans are about preserving their biodiversity. I've never been there, but I'll be heading there this summer! I think they'd be invested in saving a fair amount of their environment because I think (I don't know for sure) that a lot of people go there to see the rainforest and all the cool animals. At least that's what I'd be interested in seeing.
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    I think you're right and I'm sure you'll love it there. Definitely try the coffee ๐Ÿ™‚


I also loved my coffee tour in Costa Rica, just outside of San Jose (can't remember the name of it) and although I rarely buy anything in a gift shop, I bought so much coffee there. It tasted amazing and was eco-friendly. I think Costa Rica is setting such a good example for their environmental initiatives and I hope other countries follow suit and see that eco-tourism can be profitable.
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    Indeed. I was really really impressed.


      I'm shocked that I found this info so elsaiy.


Mmmm…. good coffee and free wifi – two of my favorite things in the world!
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    Glad I'm not alone ๐Ÿ™‚


Costa Rica is amazing, and I look forward to your MS Paint version of the hilarious skit…:D
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    Yeah I could definitely go back there for longer.

Erin in Costa Rica

Glad you enjoyed Costa Rica. The people are extremely proud of their education and protecting the environment. Over 6% of the world's biodiversity exists here on this tiny piece of land that only makes up less than 1% of the world's landmass. So yeah, nature is definitely the main draw here in CR.
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    Loved it, really want to go back!


A coffee tour?! Sounds amazing. My friends are heading to CR for their honeymoon and I'm totally jealous. Can't wait to get down there myself.


    It totally was amazing. Highly recommended.

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