Another Shit Day In Paradise

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We were in Acapulco again today. After yesterday’s encounter, I realized that I am completely allergic to tourist traps. So I briefly joined some friends, just to be social, while they ate lunch at a restaurant which looked like a rainbow threw up on it. After their meal of gringo-style Mexican food and margaritas, they announced that there was “nothing else to do in Acapulco”.

That was my cue to exit.

I decided to go for a long walk on the beach. When in doubt and you are in a sunny place, close to the water, always head to the beach. So I went for a walk, again carrying a rock just in case. People say that the more you travel the more tolerant and open you are. Well, I started off that way but I think the more I travel the less tolerant I’ve become. I used to think everyone had good intentions except really evil people. And those evil people were easy to spot because they looked evil. Like the Joker or Lex Luthor or Dick Cheney.

Anyway, I walked along the beach. It was nice and meditative. Apart from all the people hassling you to buy anything ranging from tacos and donuts to hats and loofahs.

Still, I felt like David Hasselhoff running down the beach in Baywatch, except I didn’t have red speedos on and I wasn’t running. After an hour of walking, I bumped into some people I knew from the ship. When you have 1000 crew at port, this is not an unusual thing. They were lounging in a non-descript restaurant on the beach. It wasn’t painted like a Scarlet Macaw, so I instantly liked it.

The restaurant also had a pool along with a 8 metre high diving platform. It seemed completely redundant seeing that we were also by the beach. Nevertheless everyone was taking turns at diving but I was hesistant. Not only am I a weak swimmer but I’ve never dived before. Unfortunately, one of my personal rules is, if I’m too scared to do something but other people are doing it, I have to do it. Basically, if everyone jumped off a bridge, yes I would do it too. I wouldn’t be happy about it but I’d do it.

So I dove off the diving platform. And when I say “dive”, I mean I closed my eyes and jumped off the platform, screaming all the way down. It was actually fun. I may even do it again one day.

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 48:4:3 | 13:51]

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5 Comments for Another Shit Day In Paradise


Would love to see pic of the restaurant "which looked like a rainbow threw up on it" 🙂 YOu have a way with words, Roy.
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    It was far too gaudy to waste taking a picture of!! 🙂


Ha! Another shit day in paradise. I love that title, and idea. Too many times I have woken up to grey skys. Makes me very envious.

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