A Tale Of Two (Mexican) Cities

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1. Acapulco

Last time I was in Acapulco, I went on a pub crawl with some mates. Actually it wasn’t really a pub crawl; we just bought beers from an OXXO convenience store (like 7-Eleven) and walked around until we ran out. Then we found another OXXO and stocked up again. And again. So I guess it was an OXXO crawl. Anyway, that day ended up at a Senor Frogs where I thought it was fantastic value to buy an $18 Long Island Ice Tea in a “free” plastic yard glass.

I ended up swearing off alcohol for a month after that day.

So this time I thought I’d do something a little less debaucerous; I went on a guided nature walk. Unfortunately, it totally sucked. Apparently nature walks in Acapulco involve looking at only cactii and cotton trees. If only there was an OXXO along the way. I did have some yummy Mexican food, however. But I guess over here they just call it “food”.

After that I went to explore downtown a bit. People warned me that it was very unsafe and that I shouldn’t go by myself. Fuck, now I had to go, or I’ll always be afraid. At least I didn’t have to worry about my wallet being stolen now. So I went. Along the way I saw a group of men hanging out. I looked for a “weapon” to protect myself with but all I could find was a brick. So I picked up the brick and kept walking. As I passed them, I saw that they were construction workers, probably on a smoking break. They looked at me quizzically as I walked by holding my brick.


2. Cabo San Lucas

I was in Cabo today and craved some adventure. So I joined a snorkeling excursion on a yacht.

Along the way to the snorkeling spot, we noticed a pod of dolphins in the distance and took a detour to check it out. There must have been at least 100 of them and soon we were hot on their tails. It was just like swimming with dolphins except we didn’t have to get wet. So awesome.

But it got better. We then saw whales in the distance, so we took yet another detour. There were three of them and they kept flipping out of the water, like children in a playground. Very large children. It was breathtaking and I almost regretted losing my camera and my ensuing vow of photo-celibacy.

Anyway, after that little interlude, we were on our way again. We finally reached our destination, put on snorkeling gear and jumped into the water. It was at point when I remembered that I like snorkeling more in theory than in practice. I just don’t like getting wet when I’m sober. Unless it’s in the shower.

But at least it was fun when I got out of the water and we were served margaritas.


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9 Comments for A Tale Of Two (Mexican) Cities


I enjoyed your take on tale of 2 cities! Your humor is infectious and I enjoyed reliving your pub crawl on your first visit to Acapulco.
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    Thank you, it was a fun day…right before that last drink 🙂


"I just don’t like getting wet when I’m sober. Unless it’s in the shower."

Haha, so true! I'm the same, and snorkeling ALWAYS sounds better in theory than it is in practice. Dig your drawings, though – who needs a camera when you have art skillz?
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    Yeah, I'm convinced that people only go snorkling because it sounds exotic.

The NVR Guys

We went snorkeling once despite my near inability to swim. We thought it would be great until the woman in the boat said, "the big fish are baracauda." O_o

We are not big fans of Acapulco or Cabo. I got sick once in Cabo (while on a cruise). We went to a Senor Frogs for lunch (I don't know what we were thinking, seriously) and they literally grabbed my hair (when I had some), pulled my head back and poured tequila down my throat. I threw up. It was total hell. We laugh about it now.

Totally enjoying your blog BTW. I get a good laugh from every post.
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    Haha. Sounds crazy but I'm not really surprised. Senor Frogs is rough!


You're that one kid in the class that has to do the opposite of what everybody else is being told to do. I love it! How's the liver these days?


    it's pretty good actually 😉

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