7 Habits Of Highly Effective Travel Blog Stalkers

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Insert Drawing :)

After blogging for about 15 months now, I’ve noticed something interesting about travel blogs. Stalking travel bloggers online is not only socially acceptable, it’s encouraged. It’s innocuously termed “networking” or “promoting your brand”. Whatever it is, I like it. All these years of stalking has finally paid off and now I have transferable skills that I can use for good instead of evil. Here is an incomplete guide on how to be a highly effective travel blog stalker (and a selection of bloggers I stalk)


1. Contact

Do: Comment on any interesting blog posts you come across in the blogosphere. There are loads of interesting people out there doing interesting things.
Don’t: Go through all their archives and write a “mix tape” version of their blog, linking to all their best posts. Too creepy.

Stalk Jack & Jill now.*

2. Like

Do: If you like reading their blog, like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter or write them an Alexa review. (Or do all three, it’s so fun!)
Don’t: Use their Facebook page wall as your own self-promotion tool. Too spammy.

Stalk Janet now.*

3. Seek

Do: Ask for advice on a specific city that you will be visiting, since you’ve read that they have been there.
Don’t: Change your travel plans drastically just so that you can be in the same city as them. Without telling them. Too stalkery.

Stalk Sally now.*

4. Hunt

Do: When new people comment on your posts, go to their blog and start stalking them.
Don’t: Straight away add them as facebook friends and start emailing them cute LOLcat pictures. Too needy (besides not everyone likes LOLcats).

Stalk Caanan and Kent* now.

5. Respond

Do: Respond to every new comment on your blog. They took the time to write, so it’s nice to return the favor.
Don’t: Find their number and call them in the middle of the night to discuss their comment. And then ask them what they are wearing. Too illegal.

Stalk Amy and Kieron now.*

6. Learn

Do: Be inspired by people’s posts but write something original.
Don’t: Mimic their writing style. Then make all your blog posts a line by line “in response to” your stalkees blog posts. Too fucking weird.

Stalk Ayngelina now.*

7. Promote

Do: Retweet interesting posts
Don’t: Google them and then tweet any “background information” you find about that blogger. Too nerdy.

Stalk Michael now.*

* No actual stalking is recommended. Please refer to local law enforcement for clarification.

About Me

In 2004, I sold everything I owned and left New Zealand to go see the world. In that time, I've run with bulls in Pampolona, watched the Man burn at Black Rock City, volunteered at a special-needs summer camp in New York, hosted & couchsurfed with 100+ people, taught English in Prague, trained with Muay Thai fighters in Phuket, worked on 5 different cruise ships, hugged strangers on streets in 7 countries and this one time, I even hitchhiked naked (but that was back home, so that doesn't really count). I moved to Vancouver, BC in 2012, to embark on new adventures. It's nice here, I think I may stay awhile! Let's connect: @roymarvelous, facebook & RSS.

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  • alotuslife

    excellent post! so should I assume you have already stalked my travel blog?!^_^

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Oh yes Ann. And I've been keeping detailed notes….

      What, too much? :P

  • http://www.unbravegirl.com Sally

    So… umm… you're saying I SHOULDN'T have called you in the middle of the night?

    Great. Now you tell me.

    Rather than blabbing about it on the Internet, you could have just opened your window to tell me. I'm waiting in your bushes.

    Uh, wait. Nevermind.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      You made me laugh so much. But I'm also a little scared now…

  • http://www.goseewrite.com michael hodson

    this is so good… and funny… and of course… thanks for stalking me!!
    My recent post My Favorite Spam Comments Part II

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Your welcome. Finally, some recognition for my stalking powers..lol.

  • intrepidtraveller

    Nice one Roy! :) Keep them coming!

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      I shall try :D

  • Katie

    That post was hilarious! I found your blog through couchsurfing and have been "stalking" it for a few weeks now. I suppose it's time to introduce myself or at least comment. I especially enjoy reading the ship life posts. I worked on a ship for 3 weeks this winter as seasonal youth staff and will be returning in the fall.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Awesome! I reckon the "youthies" are the most fun people on ships.

  • Ayngelina

    Roy you are too funny, please stalk me anyday but spell my name right :)

    As I say in South America, it's Ayngelina – like Jolie – but I'm not loca like her so there is a Y
    My recent post Coca reveals the real Northern Chile

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Oops sorry! Major stalker faux pas… ;)

  • http://jackandjilltravel.com jill

    Lol. Now I know who's been sending me all of those darn LOL catz pics :)
    My recent post Carless- Jobless- and Homeless

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Admit it, you love it. :D

  • elainethatcher

    I just came across this post whilst doing some blog stalking, it's hilarious. I will now put my stalking to good (and not creepy) use.

    Thanks for brightening my day :)
    My recent post Natural and Man-Made Wonders

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      I'm glad Elaine. "With great power, comes great responsibility" :P

  • The NVR GUys

    Note to potential stalkers: pictures of kitties are almost as effective as sending us baked goods.

    We're easy.
    My recent post Travelogue – avoiding “Memory” in Prague

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Me too!! Unless the baked goods are brownies, then I'm all over that!

  • adventureswithben

    Love the angle with this story. I'd also add LINK

    DO – Link your posts with relevant posts from other blogs
    DON'T – Link to the same blogger every time. That's creepy.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Great tip Ben! Admittedly I've been really lame with adding links.

  • http://twitter.com/manonthelam1 @manonthelam1

    Sweet Jesus. Where have you been hiding? I love, love, LOVE this blog. You have a new stalker…
    My recent post What’s in Your Travel Toiletry Bag Slightly Troubling Things You’ll Find in Mine…

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks Raymond. You too, bwahaha!

  • http://imheadingout.com david

    I'm still afraid of the shiny button.
    My recent post I Love My Underpants!

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      So am I, but it's just too darn shiny to resist!

  • http://www.seeknewtravel.com Kit Whelan

    This is awesome. Congrats on your amazing stalking powers :)
    My recent post Rant- WHY is it so hard to get quality WiFi

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks Kit, I hope to one day be able to walk the Earth and stalk people for good….

  • http://www.hikebiketravel.com Leigh

    I may not have been stalked but still loved your post.
    My recent post 25 Must Do Activities on Vancouver Island

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Consider yourself stalked, Leigh haha

  • http://www.pinayonthemove.com Grace

    Hilarious. Very original. I heart the drawings. Add me to your stalker list =)
    My recent post Salar De Uyuni No Filipino’s Land

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks Grace. You complete me.

  • http://www.travelswithanineyearold.com/feed Theodora

    LOL! Do people seriously Google background information on bloggers they like? As opposed, of course, to bloggers who irritate them? These are great tips. Thank you.
    My recent post Two Dinners and Four Goodbyes

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      What, are you saying I'm the only one who Google-stalks people? Awkward.

  • http://www.chickybus.com Lisa @chickybus

    Great….love this. Want to be FB friends? I have a LOLCat pic for you! Just kidding. Seriously. Just kidding. :)
    My recent post Breaking up with my camera Find me Mr Right

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      So do I get the LOLcat pic or not??

  • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

    Yes, I love being stalked!

  • http://twitter.com/WalkaboutC @WalkaboutC

    This is the most unique and entertaining travel blog I have found! Many of them start to feel and sound the same to me. This is an instant favorite…
    My recent post Exploring Her World Through Photography – An Interview With Lou Ann Peet

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Wow thanks, that's quite the compliment. I probably just have too much free time on my hands :)

  • http://www.delapuravida.com Erin in Costa Rica

    This is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs :)
    My recent post Costa Rican bullfighting – best sport ever!

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      You're welcome :D

  • http://twitter.com/eurotravelista @eurotravelista

    Really enjoyed this unique way of listing some of your favorite blogs! Very creative, fun and funny. Will be back to stalk you more.
    My recent post Gothic Architecture of Europe

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Repeat stalking is greatly encouraged! :)

  • http://www.tourabsurd.com Katrina

    Roy, you can send me lolcats anytime. In fact, if I could travel to a lolcat temple in SE Asia and do a blog post about it, I TOTALLY WOULD. Lolcats make the world go 'round.
    My recent post Video- chewing camel

  • http://www.ourtravellifestyle.com Tracy

    One of the funniest and truest things I've read in weeks.

    So I guess it would also be a DON'T to forward this post to bloggers that we know that break all these rules under a 'FYI' tag?
    My recent post Photo Friday- Carnivals and Uncles

  • http://www.ishouldlogoff.com Jillian

    I guess I get a stalking fail because I'm just now seeing this… I'll have to improve. Prepare for the cute kitten photos.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing


  • http://www.hopandjaunt.com Aly

    I think I have found a new stalkee!! ha ha great post and you have very good taste in your stalkingness. And I really don't think stalkee or stalkingness are even words….
    My recent post Mardi Gras 2011

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      They aren't??? :O

  • http://twitter.com/100Mileshighway @100Mileshighway

    Hi! Thanks for stepping by, I'm so glad I found your blog – it's hilarious! I haven't had any of these kind of stalkers yet, only the good ones – you know, the ones that comment one minute after you posting a new blog entry!
    My recent post Friday’s Five – Five Things I Miss About Spain

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Are you refering to me?? Haha.

  • Robyn

    I need to start emailing myself the blogs I've been stalking at work. I can never remember the web address of the blog and sometimes have difficulties find the blog through google searches and the like on weekends when I want to check up on new posts.
    My recent post Addressing the Workplace

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Many blogs have FB pages now, so if you "like" them that makes it easier. Then when there are new posts, they are published on your newsfeed.

  • recyclingcellphones

    Great tips man. You cover all the aspects of a professional blogger. I consider Facebook & Twitter play major role as you also said.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Indeed. I never got into RSS readers myself.

  • http://turkeysforlife.blogspot.com Turkey's For Life

    Well, we've only just found your blog – because you commented on ours. Mutual stalking is fine though isn't it?! Never seen a blog layout like this. Really refreshing. Now we're just off to subscribe to you, too… :)

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Wow, thanks for the kind words Julia :D

  • Erika

    This needs to be mandatory reading for any new blogger! Love it!
    My recent post One Day- Three Florida Springs

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Haha, thanks Erika :)

  • http://www.kephsenett.com Keph Senett

    Excellent post with snicker-worthy graphics to boot! Well done – I'm going to try and hook up with you on Twitter etc now.



    • http://cruisesurfingz.com roy

      Great, looking forward to it Keph!

  • http://myexpatgermany.com/ Laurel

    Love it! Glad to see I fall into the "do" realms, well mostly :)
    My recent post Lichtenstein Castle- 7 Interesting Things

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks Laurel :)

  • http://christytraveblogue.blogspot.com Christy

    This is really good, and hilarious…LOL:) These are truly the ethics of blogging and should be read by stalkers-wanna-be or those who are just out there to bash others' blogs! Spot on:)
    My recent post Hong Kong Street Snack- Little egg waffles Gai Dan Chai 雞蛋仔

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks Christy! It was such a random post I whipped up and humbled by the response.

  • http://vagabond3.com jade


  • http://www.thetravellerworldguide.com Hogga

    I love that I'm coming across this as I stalk your whole site. Your blog has officially been Hogga raped. And now I'm glad one of your 'do's' is to stalk/comment on the blog. I was totally just about to email you a silly cat picture, but I will give it a few weeks for our relationship to blossom before that happens.
    Okay, but seriously, did someone drastically change their travel plans to be in the same city as you and not even inform you? I make jokes about this and all, but that's seriously messed up.
    PS. I actually secretly hate forwarded emails no matter how cute the cats are.
    My recent post Choose a Holiday That Doesn’t Break the Bank

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      "Hogga raped"? Somehow I feel dirty now…haha

  • trudy

    I love all the drawings! hahaha They really tell the story. And yes, travel blogs are being stalked and it IS socially acceptable , for now anyway.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com cruisesurfing

      Thanks trudy :)

  • http://www.vagabumming.com Will

    consider yourself stalked
    My recent post Ten Things to Love About Taiwan

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous


  • thatshamori

    Love it thanks for the giggle! It is a funny wold we have created, eh?
    My recent post Alaska on Two Wheels

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      yup it is :D

  • http://youngdriverinsurancescams.co.uk/ James H

    Ha ha! even i reached here doing some blog stalking, it's really funny the way you have put here. I agree if it is a mutual stalking it is 100% acceptable,,

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous


  • http://www.urbanadventurer.com/blog Jordan

    Ha this is hilarious. You've made a new stalker today.
    My recent post A Day on the Water

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      I hope that's a good thing!

  • girlwithoutafixedpostcode

    So um i'll bookmark your blog and religiously follow it

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      ok :)

  • Kristina

    Amazing. Consider yourself stalked. The creepy way. Expect some LOLcat pictures. Not apologizing.
    My recent post Arrival in Siberia.

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      Still waiting for my LOLcat pics….

  • tonyrfsa

    LOL Loved this!!! And love your illustrations!!!

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Tony!

  • Robert L. Aldrich

    These are truly the ethics of blogging

  • James H

    I used to have a travel blog, I used to love sharing everything I got upto until I saw I was getting 100 visitors per day, when I saw that I got a little worried and wondered who was so interested so I took it down.

  • http://nelietatravellingadventures.blogspot.com Nelieta

    Great blog you have here! What you are saying is so true! There are a lot of interesting people out there and stalking is important..otherwise you will miss them :)

    • http://www.cruisesurfingz.com Roy Marvelous

      Indeed :)

  • Robert L. Aldrich

    I need to start emailing myself the blogs I’ve been stalking at work. I can never remember the web address of the blog and sometimes have difficulties find the blog through google searches and the like on weekends when I want to check up on new posts.

  • peter

    Thanks for this great post it's really funny but also true. I just want to say I really like your blog and posts they are all great and I spent so much time on this blog. I hope you post more great posts in the future.

  • Allen

    Did you draw those pictures yourself in mspaint? Just like the article they are very original. I’ll be careful not to accidentally do any of the don’ts. ;D

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Yup I did it in mspaint and with a shitty mouse. These days I use Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Oh how things have changed!

  • http://turkishtravelblog.com Natalie

    Hilarous and the sad thing is that I have actually done some of the Do's. Great to say, I never ventured into the do not do zone.
    My recent post Five Reasons to Pick Turkey as Your Next Holiday Destination

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      That's still better than some of us!

  • http://twitter.com/fourjandals @fourjandals

    Is it creepy if I answered yes too all the Don'ts? Haha great post and love reading other peoples posts (love it more when they read mine) and the networking that comes with travel blogging..

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Haha, maybe! Will you be sending me lolcat pics then??

  • http://www.eyeflare.com/ Jack Norell

    Hi stalkee!

    Great post, I've got nothing original to add, but definitely subscribing to you now.
    My recent post The Nimbin Museum – Aboriginal and alternative culture

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Jack!

  • http://twitter.com/CailinONeil @CailinONeil

    hahaha awesome post! I love your illustrations too! fun :)

  • http://twitter.com/CailinONeil @CailinONeil

    hahaha awesome post! I love your illustrations too! fun :)

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous


  • http://twitter.com/CaptainandClark @CaptainandClark

    Bahaha… guilty! I got to this very post through blog stalking. Love the illustrations- they definitely help for a visual learner like me. How else was I suppose to know that I shouldn't be calling fellow bloggers on their personal phones? Oops
    My recent post The most haunted house in Korea

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      I know! A picture is worth a thousand words…

  • http://www.myspanishadventure.com Will
    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Maybe you don't realize it's happening!

  • http://ytravelblog.com Caz Makepeace

    Really funny roy!! We're all stalkers aren't we? Love the drawings as well
    My recent post To All New Travel Bloggers

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Caz :D

  • laavventura

    Fantastic post!

  • http://downtowntraveler.com Leslie

    Great tips! I get so annoyed by bloggers or travel co's that post random links on my Facebook page, with no context or connection to my site. Thanks for calling that out as a definite no-no!
    My recent post Top 10 holiday gifts under $20 for travelers (2011 Christmas shopping guide)

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Yeah, talk about creating bad impressions.

  • http://www.xixerone.com xixerone

    you lost me on the "not everyone likes LOLcats" bit, and it's a shame since I was planning on stalking you…

    Joking, loved the post and the drawings…

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      don't worry, i love LOLcats ;)

  • http://www.overyonderlust.com Erica

    Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. This post is freaking FANTASTIC. You have my RSS attention. <3
    My recent post Sailing the High Seas to Colombia

  • http://www.budget-travel-tips.com Laura

    Is there anybody stalking me? Great article Roy…. strange drawings.

  • http://www.jouljet.blogspot.com Tash

    Great calls, both the positive and negatives. Spot on!
    My recent post Race Day at Warwick Farm

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      thanks Tash!

  • http://www.sanpedroscoop.com Rebecca

    Not sure how I stumbled upon your post. But I have been confused by the travel blog-stalker thing for a few months…I thought I was nuts. Thanks for some clarity…
    My recent post Day Three And Tomorrow I WILL Be Back

    • http://www.roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Sure thing Rebecca. Btw, I'll be in Belize this month! Who's stalking whom now… ;)

  • http://www.amberrisme.com Amberr Meadows

    You crack me up. I’ve also read a couple of these bloggers, and they are pretty awesome!

  • http://marriedwithdebt.com John @ Married (with Debt)

    Wait, you aren’t supposed to tell people what we’ve been doing. This is going to ruin everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Hah :D

  • http://www.waegook-tom.com Waegook Tom

    So I can’t call people to correct their grammar in my comments (although I must say my commenters are generally a grammatically delightful bunch), and I shouldn’t book a sudden flight to, say, South Africa in order to sta-…erm, hang out with – my favourite bloggers if I’m in the middle of a trip in Latvia?


    • http://roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Well, there aren’t any rules ;)

  • http://www.lynmidnight.com Lyn Midnight

    First of all, that’s a great post! Second, I’m stalking you now, but don’t worry. I won’t call you to discuss comments and posts. And I don’t like LOLcats either. Happy travels, Roy! *free hug*

    • http://roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Thanks Lyn! :)

  • http://www.travelingandthat.com Nici@Travelingandthat

    Ha! Hilarious! And there I was feeling all creepy for lurking in people’s ancient posts. Thank you for bringing this to light and helping me to accept my nosiness as a problem shared by many. You should write a self help book!

    • http://roymarvelous.com Roy Marvelous

      Haha maybe one day.

  • Thomas

    Incredibly funny post and pictures to go with!