Punta Del Este and Woman’s Panties

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Today started off like any other day. Except that I didn’t have a change of clothes. I figured that I needed to think like a hobo now. I managed to borrow a couple of T-shirts and acquired soap from one of the cabin attendants. But I still had no change of socks or underwear. So I headed to crew welfare sockless and commando and asked if there was anything in Lost & Found that I could use. I had no shame, I was now in survival mode. Fortunately there was a pair of socks there  but no mens underwear. There were women’s panties however.

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. The panties were tight and my “boys” felt like they were in a stranglehold. But apart from that they were fine. I was kinda expecting them to feel a bit kinkier though!

Now that I was fully dressed, I headed to shore to explore. Punta Del Este is a thin resorty peninsular in Uruguay with beaches on both sides. And surprisingly expensive. As in London expensive. So rather than waste my money I decided instead to walk around. It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly any clouds in the sky. The beach was nice enough but the water was cold and uninspiring. So far the only thing exciting here seem to be the women.

I headed back to the ship and whined about how I didn’t have luggage, to anyone who would listen. I imagined that I would now need a shopping cart to rummage through dumpsters on the ship for clothing scraps.

Just before we set sail, I got a call to go to the gangway. My luggage was found and waiting for me! You never really appreciate your own clothes until you are forced to wear women’s panties.

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 2:1:3 | 5:49]

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3 Comments for Punta Del Este and Woman’s Panties

Tristan Rossiter-Sheehy

dude i would have gone commando…


    I tried to but it was uncomfortable. Besides I was raised to not look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

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