The Long Goodbye

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So I’ve finally left the ship today, after 2 days in dry dock. I actually felt a little sad. You know, that slightly empty feeling when you’ve move out of somewhere.  Oh well, time for new adventures.

Its been a very drawn out goodbye but it was nice having a couple of extra days on the ship. We got to hit town on a Saturday night and have extra time to pack. It was also nice to spend a bit more time to hang out with people. And of course, it was interesting to watch the whole process of closing a ship and being in dry dock, the chaos that ensued and the aftermath.

It was was weird though to suddenly see hundreds of new faces on the ship. Suddenly, anyone vaguely familiar felt like a close friend.

Packing up my stuff again was a mission. I hate packing so I decided to be even more ruthless with getting rid of stuff. I’ve left behind a suit, some toiletries and random things that I didn’t need. Its fairly safe to say that if you don’t use something for 4 months (and it’s not seasonal) that you probably don’t need it. Like a cellphone I don’t know the password to. Or SD cards when I don’t own a camera. I will have to do a count of all my stuff when I’m on my new ship. I’m fairly certain I have less stuff than I did 4 months ago, though. But that’s partly because ship laundry is a mysterious black hole that can assimilate random socks and underwear and occasionally your favourite t-shirt. And apparently lingerie but fortunately I do not own any to lose. Basically, if it’s nice, you need to hand wash it yourself.

Now I need to take 3 flights to get to my final destination of Montevideo, Uruguay. It’s going to be a very long day.

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