Tequila Remorse & Parasailing

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Why is it that tequila always seems like a good idea at the time but you regret it the next day? It’s like there’s an evil tequila troll living inside us, waiting patiently until a moment of weakness.

Being hungover today and suffering from acute tequila remorse, there was only one thing I could to salvage the day: go parasailing in St Thomas.

Parasailing is that thing where you are attached to a parachute and are dragged along by a boat. Funny to think that we just spent 3 days at sea only to join a smaller boat when we’re finally on land again. At least this boat doesn’t make you do boat drills.

So yeah, it was fun. It’s a bit like bungee-jumping except that you’re attached to a parachute and you’re not falling. And it’s more relaxing. Actually, it was unexpectedly more relaxing than an adrenaline rush. You just feel like you’re floating along on a cloud. I could have read a book or had a nap. Good thing I did actually bring a book aling just in case. You just never know when you’re going to be bored while out parasailing.

[cruisesurfer's log sea-date: 101:10:2 | 4:48]
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