Attack Of The Stingrays

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A stingray bit me today.

We were in St Johns and a bunch of us went to “swim with the stingrays”. Yes, the same species that killed the Crocodile Hunter. It’s funny how that seems like the most popular question people asked me after I said I was going. It’s almost as if they are insinuating there are militia groups of stingrays roaming the oceans, waiting to prey on fat juicy humans.

What people may not realize about most living things is that they aren’t like humans – ie. they don’t go out of their way to kill. They have to be threatened or provoked in some way. Besides, with the demographic of people on ships (ie. old) I was confident that any excursion would be fairly tame. And worst come to worst, I’m sure the vicious stingray would go for something closer in resemblance to it’s food source of squid (ie. fat white people). Hey, have you ever seen black squid?

So anyway, we left on a boat and headed over to a small coral reef to swim with the stingrays. The water was waist deep here and ideal for the excursion. We had the chance to go snorkeling by the coral reef and there were lots of pretty fishies.

After that, we were each given squid to feed the stingrays, which they enthuastically accepted. Actually it was really funny; they were just like puppy dogs begging for more food. Sure, these “puppy dogs” were slimy and had a stinger attached to their tail but they were still much friendlier than many of the crew members I’ve met on ships. Admittedly, I had never offered them seafood.

The only thing about stingrays is that they’re bottom-feeders, so you have to be careful not to step on one (if you don’t want to be stung). To avoid this you need to shuffle about in the water rather than lift your feet. As I was happily shuffling around, one of the stingrays must have thought that my big toe was food and tried to bite it. Actually, I was quite proud of my little war injury. Now I can say that I’ve been hit by a bull and bitten by a stingray. Next, I want to be thrown by an elephant.

[cruisesurfer's log sea-date: 104:10:2 | 4:48]
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