Always Choose Adventure!

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“Always choose adventure”. I love this quote from Chris Guillebeau.

It occurred to me today that I couldn’t remember the last time I had an adventure. This could possibly be because of my poor memory, so I consulted with my trusty blog archives. Turns out the last time was about 19 days ago, when I did a SeaTrek tour in St Maarten. Wow, I do have a shitty memory.

Anyway, we were back in St Maarten today, island of endless opportunities. And possibly the only Caribbean island worth visiting after Dominica. We were initially planning on going to the beach, drinking beer and staring at under-dressed women but instead, we chose adventure (and all of the above).
So, three of us rented scooters and embarked on a tour of the island. I had previously rented a vehicle here so apparently, that qualified me to be the tour leader. Big mistake. If anything, I have a horrible sense of direction. (It’s so bad that I still get lost on the ship, 3 months after being here.)
Nevertheless, I bravely took on the role of lead bike and we went on our merry way. It started off okay. I only led the group onto oncoming traffic twice. Anyone could have made that mistake. But it was a very scenic ride and we found ourselves crossing the Dutch side to the French side after a short drive.
People seem to make a big hoopla over French St Martin being nicer than Dutch St Maarten. From what I could tell, the only discernible difference is that St Martin uses Euros and there are more topless women around. But still, it was exciting to have wheels. This is only the second time I’ve ridden a scooter and I suppose it’s like riding a bicycle except you don’t peddle and you go faster. Admmittedly, I was only going 30 km/h in a 50km/h zone but that is still faster than your average cyclist.
Once we got to the French side, I realized that having one beer would probably make me a safer driver. Or at least a less nervous one. So after a quick beer we headed around the rest of the island. St Maarten is your average-looking Caribbean island with white sandy beaches and turquiosey blue water that looks like it’s too blue to be real.
Basically, it feels like you’re driving in a screen-saver.
Towards the end we stopped by Airport beach, a very famous beach in St Maarten. This is where you can watch planes take off and land, just past the beach. The crazy part is during take off because it creates a massive sandstorm by the beach. We decided to hang around and wait for such an event. A few minutes later, a KLM Boeing 747 proceeded to take off. It was insane. The velocity of the wind was so intense that my sunglasses flew off. We had to hang on to a railing to stop ourselves from being blown away. Meanwhile sand was beating at us. It was like having a massive blowdryer up to your face while being exfoliated with sand at high speed. It was certainly more fun than it sounds, you just had to be there.
In all, I’m glad I chose adventure today.

So, what’s your next adventure?

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 85:8:2 | 4:48]

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Funny post, man, I could somehow imagine you at Airport Beach in a sandstorm.
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Hehe, it was intense. I found some photos online of the beach: <a href="; target="_blank" rel="nofollow"&gt <a href="http://;;…” target=”_blank”>;;…

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