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Insert Drawing :)

Don’t worry, this blog is not a business.

This blog started off as an outlet for documenting my adventures and for my creativity/rants/neurotic outbursts. Somewhere along the line I was temporarily seduced by the idea of “monetizing my blog” in the future. I imagined that passive income would pour in, while I lay on a beach somewhere in Phuket, sipping Thai rum & Red bull and enjoying a long massage (no not that kind).

My bad.

Marketers vs Writers

Well, my belief now is that marketers don’t actually write. They market products and services. They regurgitate and copywrite about how to make money online (eg. with ebooks) or how to make money online by selling other people’s writing (eg. affiliate sales of other people’s ebooks). Writers write creatively or at least write about fun stuff to read. I have nothing against marketers (one of my degrees is in Marketing after all – which doesn’t say much because I just did it because that’s where all the hot girls were). And not all marketers are evil. I will demonstrate with this diagram below:

As you can see, some marketers are good, but more are evil. Some writers are evil, but more are good. Some marketers are good and are also writers, but that’s only a small percentage.

If you think I’m just jealous because some of these bloggers have only been around as long as me, yet are totally successful, you are damn right! But also, making money is not the focus of this blog. I have a job which I love. And for now I prefer my job to making money online. As demonstrated by this diagram below.

Who knows, I may change my mind one day. Or someone may actually decide to pay me to be a writer. (call me!) Note that although I do not have ads, I do have Amazon affiliate links. I added them more out of curiousity sake rather than anything else but I promise that any proceeds will be donated to (So read more books!)

My Readers

So according to Google Analytics, some people do actually read my blog. Wow, you rock my world! So using my keen Marketing background, I have identified three groups within my target market.

1. Core Readership: friends, acquantainces and attractive promiscous women likely to meet me in the near future.
2. Secondary Readership: couchsurfers, slow travelers, nomadic expatriates, flashpackers.
3. Tertiary Readership: minimalists, scientologists and people who like joining cults.

So my promise to you: Slightly more drawings, Much lower quality!

Believe it or not, I sometimes spend over an hour in MS Paint, “perfecting” my drawings. What can I say, my artistic ability plateaued around the age of 12. So now, I’m going to focus on quantity not quality. Because we both know the quality’s shit anyway!

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 70:7:2 | 3:48]

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2 Comments for This Is Not One Of Those Blogs!


I love the graph and all your cute lil drawings Roy, every time I lick on your blog Im filled with happiness…must be all the bright colors!! 🙂


Hehe, Thanks Janet!