Saint Croix Crucian Christmas Festival

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Sometimes I forget that I’m travelling. I mean, I’m working as well and you get into a routine and you just forget. Rather than going “Wow, it’s Saturday and we’re in St. Croix” people go “Oh, it’s Saint Croix day”. Meh.

Usually when we are in St. Croix I go to this one corner of this park where I find some unsecure wifi. I’m not sure where it comes from, probably some unsuspecting household nearby. Or maybe a good samaritan who’s random act of kindness to the world is to have unsecure wifi. I like to think it’s a good samaritan. Either way, it’s the rush when you get a signal. Kinda like fishing but with internet signals. Wild.

Anyway, today was no ordinary St. Croix day. As I approached my spot, I heard music and drumming and all kinds of hullabaloo. Being the curious person that I am, I walked over to investigate. It was the Crucian Christmas Festival, St Croix’s own Carnival. Apparently on the island, Christmas is celebrated from December to early January. And these people know how to party! There was fairly large crowd of onlookers enjoying the event.

Vendors were scattered around the area selling all sorts of interesting local things. One thing I love to do when I travel is to eat local, so I got myself a swordfish patty, which was deep-fried to order and some peanut punch, which was sold in re-cycled old plastic bottles. I imagined that I would get sick especially from the dodgy drink but what’s life without a bit of risk? Besides, I hear dysentery is slimming.

I was fine. The food and drink were delicious. And the colorful and beautiful cacophony of the festival has been the highlight of the year so far.

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