Astronauts, Kool Aid and A Tale Of Two St Maartens

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Apparently St Martin is the worlds smallest island that’s also two countries. There’s the Dutch St Maarten and the French St Martin. The Dutch side uses USD$ and the French side uses Euro. You’d think they would at least be able to agree on the currency.

Anyway, the adventure today consisted of two distinct halves. In the morning, a couple of us managed to get on a SeaTrek tour that involved wearing a weighted “spacesuit” and going for a guided walk on the bottom of the sea. It was like being an underwater astronaut. Finally, my childhood dream of being an astronaut has been realized. It was SO cool. We were about 10 feet underwater and walking around on the sea floor seemed more like bouncing around on the moon. Not that I’ve been to the moon but you get the idea. Down below was a submarine wreck, a statue of Neptune and there were schools of fish which nibbled at my hands and other interesting otherworldly underwater creatures. Loads of pure unadulterated fun.

After that, we were given a complimentary rum punch which is cheap rum plus Kool Aid. Yup we drank the Kool Aid and the mayhem ensued. Right after it seemed logical to buy a bottle of rum, some coke and go drink on the beach. This was a poor idea on so many levels: (1)  I have the alcohol tolerance of a 12 year old asian schoolgirl and should never be allowed near hard liquor. (2) Drinking under the hot sun is a recipe for disaster.

Needless to say it was a disaster. Conversations lacking any semblance of logic. Wrestling on the beach. Wrestling in the water. I vaguely remember the seawater mixing with my rum and coke, and me thinking it was still okay to drink (It wasn’t). The rest I have no memory of, being spared the embarrassment due to alcohol amnesia. But the fact that all of us there bought matching “Caribbean shirts”  at some stage was a testament a fashion faux pas was probably the least of our worries.

And I lost another pair of sunglasses….

[cruisesurfer’s log sea-date: 65:6:2 | 1:48]

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