Happy Birthday To Me!

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It’s my my birthday exactly…now. Yay for me! Actually to be honest, today is the most dreaded day of the year for me. I hate birthdays. Or rather, I hate my birthday. I could make up some philosophical reason like you are only one day older, not one year. Or that corporations have insidiously convinced everyone that they need to increase consumption of good and services on their birthday. But in truth, I only hate birthdays because I’m insecure that it’s the most likely time of the year that you could find out that you really have no mates!

This is especially true when you’re traveling. Most people just don’t really care because you’re just a temporary friend. I’ve found that this has been my biggest challenge in my journey as a nomad.

I feel I should apologize. I always get a bit weird on my birthday. Ideally, I prefer to spend time in reflection over the year past. In a way, this is my “Thanksgiving” but without the turkey. Or cake. Or presents. Whatever. It’s good to consider what I’m grateful for, the friendships that I have and what I’ve achieved this year.

Let’s see now. The year started off very well. I had the best New Year’s party ever. I got to skip winter. I’ve met loads of fun people on ships on my first ship contract this year, where I did the Caribbean and Alaskan routes, and a repositioning via South America, Panama Canal and Central America. I also did a cross-Canada, cross-USA and Euro-trip this summer. I went to Shambhala Music Festival, Burning Man, Oktoberfest and a crazy Polish wedding as well. I got to catch up with many old friends who I haven’t seen in 3-4 years. And I visited 24 countries this year (of which 18 were “new” countries for me). And I finally started a travel blog (after slowly traveling for the last 6.5 years). OK, that’s pretty good. I still haven’t managed to get that rock-solid six-pack (yet) but I have to leave something for next year!

Anyway, now back to today. I was considering celebrating my birthday, you know tell everyone and make a big fuss about it and go get fucked up in the crew bar. But then I thought, what’s the point? People will feel obligated and it’ll be awkward. No, instead I think I shall do the opposite and quit drinking for awhile! And eat some chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

It’s almost the end of the year. Do you know what you are grateful for this year?

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Raam Dev

I can relate! I feel the exact same way about birthdays. It's just another day! On another planet or another calendar somewhere else in the world, it wouldn't even be our birthday!

I spent my birthday last year riding in an overnight bus through India. It was uncomfortable, humid, and very hot. Yet that was exactly how I wanted to spend that day. 🙂

It's true that the traveler lifestyle can get lonely, but I think that's what makes the Internet so awesome… We can connect across oceans!

    Roy Marvelous

    Well said, Raam 🙂

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