The 112 Hour Work Week

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Seth Godin told me I have to write an e-book so I will. More about this later. Okay, he didn’t exactly tell me. I was just reading his blog. I seem to have picked up a “replacement addiction” after kicking blueberry fritters, searching for free WIFI signals and smoking. It’s reading blogs and I blame Jenny. A few recurring themes seem to have caught my attention: minimalism, lifestyle design, mini-retirements and 4-hour work weeks. Seems like everyone is saying they’re a “minimalist” these days. And here I thought I was the only one who’s too cheap to buy women drinks. This mini-retirement thing I don’t understand. I met a American guy in Prague a few years ago, who said he was “retired” at 26 – but he was still working as an English teacher. I thought if you’re retired, you don’t work anymore and you have a pile of money and houses and a yacht, or something. And what’s this obsession with not working anyway? Isn’t it boring to do nothing constructive with your day? I think humans have an innate need to create something, or else they get fat and die. Which leads me to my next point, these 4-hour work weeks or better 2-hour work weeks or EVEN better 0-hour work week. I think I finally got what they meant. These bloggers seem to define “work” as any chore that you do for money. In that case, I’ve got a 0-hour work week and have been “retired” since I got fired in 2007 from that gay-porn webmaster job in Prague, after I refused to watch the movies to proof-read the subtitles for grammar. (Now that’s a chore. Besides, who cares about the grammar in porn movies??) Anyway, I know a few people who don’t work. Some are proud of it and are fun-employed. Fortunately they have a trust-fund waiting for them. Others are happy to be on social welfare and smoke pot all day. Or they live off the grid and couchsurf, hitch-hike and dumpster-dive. We all make our own definition of happiness, so I’m not one to judge. But me. I like working. And I like to use this definition of work:

work |wərk| noun
activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result

So using this definition, walking to the beach is work. Updating my Facebook status is work. Sex is work (or if you’re doing it wrong it can be a chore). You see I think these 2/4 hour work week people have it all wrong. Work is awesome. It’s all about having a purpose and knowing your outcome. I don’t want to read a book on how to work 4 hours a day and then fuck around for the rest of the day. And I don’t want to “outsource” my life. It’s my life and I want to experience the most of every waking moment. And still get 8 hours sleep a day. So 24 hours a day – 8 hours sleep = 16 hours work X 7 days a week = bring on the 112 Hour Work Week. I know I’ve totally gone on a tangent but it’s another sea day, so I have time to “work” at rambling (fortunately, it’s the last day of the cruise). Plus, I just came across some Tony Robbins material, so I’m ready to Get The Edge. Anyway, what I appreciate from all these lifestyle design blogs is their emphasis on productivity. With internet being $5/hour (for dial-up speeds), I have to limit myself to a maximum of 30 minutes online per day. That’s still $75 a month! So I’ve learnt how to be an offline-digital nomad. Do as much as possible offline then go online to upload/download. Get in, get out. I find that I actually Get Things Done. When you’re always connected, there are so many distractions that you end up producing very little with your time. Watching YouTube clips is just as unproductive as watching TV, and probably makes you even dumber (unless they are TEDtalks – ideas worth sharing!). Now, back to my first statement. I thought I’d jump on the ebook bandwagon and write one. I know I know, I bitched about how some unscrupulous people sell over-priced ebooks. I especially find amusing the ebooks which tell you how to earn a living from selling ebooks. I dunno, that reminds me of Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. He only got rich after selling a book on how to get rich. Its all about sifting through the fakes to find the people providing something of genuine value. According to Seth Godin, that value is in writing about something you are an expert on. Okay. So I brainstormed a couple of topics I could write on: “How To Get Into The Sharemarket. Do Well For A While. And Then Fuck It All Up.” “How To Yo-Yo Diet Effectively” “How To Wear Pink And Still Convince People You Aren’t Gay” “How To Be A Stingy Bastard Minimalist” “How To Avoid Commitment By Traveling The World” I’m not sure if there would be much of a market for those topics. Alternatively, I do seem to know a fair bit about summer camps, cruise-ships and working holiday visas. From personal experience, I found everything I needed to know about summer camps and working holiday visas fairly easily from just googling. But getting information on cruise-ships was a pain. Also I’ve already had a bunch of people ask me how to get a job on a cruise-ship, so it’d be nice if I actually gave them a decent reply rather than tell them to fuck off. There are loads of websites out there “guaranteeing” you a job on a cruise-ship and all you need to do is to purchase their scammy e-book. Don’t waste you’re money, I’ll give you all the information you need for free. CruiseSurfing: How To Get A Job On A Cruise-Ship“. I can’t claim to be an authority on the subject but I’ll sure-as-hell pretend to be. To be released November 30th 2010. Stay tuned :)

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