Day 9: Banana Boat & the Geek

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We were in St Maarten today. It was a lovely sunny day and perfect beach weather. So a bunch of us headed to the beach for beach volleyball. I’m actually not completely useless at volleyball anymore, after playing in a rec-league in 2009 in Toronto with the Amigos.

We FINISHED the opposition. After that we went to cool down in the water. Now, my Achilles heel seems to be cold water. I rather walk on hot coals than jump into cold water. This is actually based on personal experience. I have actually walked on hot coals before and enjoyed it. Once, it was for a fire-walk during a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event in Toronto. The other time was on a dare, after a campfire in a park in Prague and I was drunk. Okay, maybe the second time doesn’t really count. I’d probably jump into cold water as well, if I was drunk.

So basically I hate cold water. Fortunately, water in the Caribbean is tepid. Still, it took me a while before I went in.

Later on in the day, a bunch of the crew decided to do Banana boat rides. A Banana boat is an inflated banana for five people, tugged by a jet-ski. Invariably, you will eventually fall off. It sounded like fun but I chickened out. So the group went and did their thing. I pondered it some more and realized it was just some sort of water-phobia. But what’s life if you don’t seize the day (or the banana, in this case). So I decided to do it and gathered a group together. It was a motely crew of musicians, youth staff and myself. One of the guys was previously a reality TV star, having appeared on the first season of Beauty & the Geek. Yup, I was going to ride an inflated banana with an eccentric pseudo-celebrity. Not quite as prestigious as when I made a chai-tea latte for Elijah Woods, when he walked into the Starbucks I was working at in Auckland, many years ago. I’m pretty sure he loved it.

But anyway, we did the Banana boat ride. One of the girls warned us that she would scream. Meh, I can out-scream any girl, any day. OK maybe that’s not really something to be proud of. And I did indeed out-scream her. It was kinda scary at the start but after bailing the first time, it was fine. But I still screamed some more because I dunno, everything is more fun when you scream.

Banana Boat
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