Day 2: Training Day & Friend Pick-Up Artistry

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I started the hand-over today and training. It’s kind of a pain to get uniforms and everything together. It feels like you have to run around a lot. And that’s hard to do when you’re on a rocky ship. But what else are you to do on a sea day.

I’ve started to get to know people as well. Fortunately I’ve remembered that you get to know people on ships by not being too keen. You have to talk to them in a nonchalant way, as if you acknowledge their presence but don’t really care. It’s like when you try to chat a girl in a club. I call it Friend Pick-Up Artistry for Ships (FPUAS). It seems however that there’s no point talking to an officer, until they talk to you.

Its nice to be eating vegetables and fruit again. I guess this is the honeymoon period before I get sick of eating the same food every week.

I finally had a chance to have a “spa day” where I could pamper myself and shave, exfoliate and moisturize. I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Just in time for formal night, where I wore my tailored suit that I haven’t worn in over six years. I had left it with my friend Ashley in NZ in 2004 and we had met up in Thailand in 2008, where he brought it, and I had left it at the SHAH until now. It’s nice to have all your stuff with you in one place so you can actually use it. I was stoked that I could still fit it!

Formal night was nice, but low-key compared with my previous ship. This ship is just smaller. In a way that’s lame because there’s no large social spaces for just crew, but it’s also good because it makes people interact with each other when they are in these tiny social spaces. Its almost quaint, like being in a small town that’s kinda run-down. But with less red-necks.

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