Soup Kitchen Bromance

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I met up with one of my old students for lunch today. It’s nice to keep in touch to see how students progress. And she’s fun to hang out with, not to mention smoking hot. I was really impressed by how good her English was now though, which makes me wonder if I was a good teacher and lay a strong foundation for her English-language development. Or that her English improved because I stopped teaching her!

I spent the rest of the day shopping for food to cook for Clabbe, Jake and Anna, as a thank you for their hospitality. I don’t think I ever cooked while I lived in Prague and in retrospect that was quite silly. Especially since I can cook and was only working 15 hours a week at the time.

I decided to make a fusion Malaysian fried rice with Czech sausage. Simple and yummy. Once that was done I headed off to the CouchSurfing Soup Kitchen. A Couchsurfing member who works at the Swedish Embassy had kindly offered to make soup for up to 40 people and host us at his residence. The soup was a traditional Moravian recipe which had taken him 6 hours to make. It was simply delicious and served with freshly baked bread. Warm soup is the perfect way to bring people together on a cold night and afterwards we drank some Burchak, which is wine that isn’t fully fermented yet. Basically it still tastes like juice but you get fucked up.

So once dinner was over, a couple of us migrated to a pub. And at some stage in the night, we ended up on Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is best experienced in the middle of the night, it feels more gothic and you don’t have that infestation of tourists to worry about. It was actually very romantic and the perfect way to end a date, except that it was three guys. Still, it was bromantic.

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