Prague CouchSurfing Pot-Luck

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I woke up at about 11 and decided to do something constructive with my day. I had to change money, get a SIM card and re-connect with old friends in Prague. I think I’ve been cranky because I’ve drunk way too little water, I haven’t been exercising  and my diet these past few weeks has been far from healthy. So instead of taking public transport I decided to walk.

Prague has a fantastic public transport system but it’s also nice to walk because it’s so beautiful. So anything under 5kms one way, is fine by me. I walked around and re-oriented myself. Prague hasn’t changed too much except for having more modern trams and more Starbucks. But apart from that it’s the same, you have the same infestation of tourists downtown and remarkably unfriendly service in shops. Ah, home sweet home.

There was a CouchSurfing international pot-luck that evening and I was invited. I didn’t have access to a kitchen, so I thought a dozen beers would suffice. The pot-luck was amazing with food from Brazil, India, Czech, Estonia, Italy, Japan. I ate so much that my stomach hurt. It was nice to reconnect with some old friends from CouchSurfing and meet the newbies as well. Prague has this special place in my heart, as I turned up knowing no one and then helped build the local CouchSurfing community, first as the “CouchSurfing Prague City Ambassador” and then “CouchSurfing Czech Republic Country Ambassador”. I started doing Free Hugs here as well. The titles themselves are just arbitrary, it’s the results that matter. I poured my heart and soul into developing the community and have lots of loyal friends from it.

The pot-luck went on from lunch to dinner. Finally at 11pm a group of us headed to Akropolis, around the corner for the Reggae night. It was awesome and made me homesick for Prague. I danced until my legs hurt and then walked the 4kms back to Derek in the middle of the night. It made me home-sick for Prague or was it for community, I can’t seem to tell anymore. But maybe I should spend next summer in Prague instead.

No doubt I will change my mind again 20 times before next summer…. 

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