Burning Man: Free Hugs 2.0

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I woke up Thursday realizing I no longer craved Red Bull or in fact, anything caffeinated. Thats kinda a big deal seeing that my body has probably contained caffeine for 85% of its existence. 

I decided to go head out on another Free Hug adventure as “Master Shake”. There were 50,000 friends I hadn’t met yet, to hug in Black Rock City. I ditched the bike and any plans and just started walking in one direction. The response was amazing, the hugs were awesome and I even recruited some people from Quebec, along the way to join me. 

At night I dressed in my “evening wear”. I watched the Thunderdrome, which was like something out of Mad Max, watched Alchemy fire-spin, witnessed Coyote almost catch on fire and almost got to see Bassnectar with Miranda, Liberty and Derek.

Friday was spent on another Free Hug adventure. This was just what I did now and I loved it. Jeff was armed with a super-soaker filled with vodka and Powerade and I had my free hugs sign. It was a great team and we recruited a German girl along the way whom I introduced to people as our foreign exchange student.

That afternoon Chewy gave an impromptu hugs tutorial. He critiqued my hug, identified areas to improve and totally took it to the next level! My hugs are now Free Hugs 2.0.

That night was super dusty and as we were getting ready, Miranda wanted to get body painted and was looking for volunteers. Not having any experience at all with body-painting I immediately volunteered. I figured that I like painting and I like boobs, so that would be enough. It was fun, but I was a bit disappointed because I’ve seen so much nudity at festivals now that I seem desensitized. I feel cheated.

Anyway, after the dust storm we went to Crystal Method, played on this massive see-saw and took photos in front of 2-D blinky cactii.

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