Day 201: Let’s Do This!

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{cruise #22 day 7/7}

After many months of (fairly) disciplined living I decided to let loose and get FUCKED UP this cruise. We had the Wine & Cheese, School Disco and Graffiti party.

The Graffiti party last night was kind of like the finale for me. It’s wear you wear a white t-shirt and people go around signing your shirt. It’s supposed to be very sweet and you have a nice memento to keep. In theory.

In reality, I had a couple of martinis and shots beforehand, so I have a vague recollection of drawing penises on everyone’s t-shirts. In a way that’s more fitting, especially being the porn guy.

Anyway, I spent today feeling sorry for myself and being a bit embarrassed. And I had a fat day after consuming so many unnecessary calories. I think I shall detox until Oktoberfest. So apart from packing and doing a few mundane tasks, I didn’t get up to much during the day.

We spent the night having a “wax party”. Jenny waxed my chest and Danny’s back. I bought a pot of lavender wax. I expected the calming aroma of lavender to make the process quite relaxing and enjoyable. Danny handled the waxing quite well. In fact, he seemed almost oblivious to the whole process. Meanwhile, I screamed like I was undergoing labour. It was like having twins, but they were trying to claw their way up through my chest. Anyway I was pretty certain I would end up losing some flesh or a nipple, so after awhile I pleaded for it to just end. Now I kind of have hairy little patches on my chest. I also realized that waxing doesn’t reveal washboard abs if there’s a layer of fat between the hair and the muscle. Fuck.

To be honest, I don’t think I expected my contract to end exactly this way: hungover and covered with hot wax after a night of drawing penises.

getting FUCKED UP
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