Day 154: Glaciers & Flying Frequently

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We passed by Hubbard Glacier again today. Hubbard Glacier reminds me of a girl I dated many years ago: Gorgeous but boring. Sure it makes a great wallpaper but there’s only so long you can look at a glacier before you go “what the fuck. now what?”.

I’ve decided that Alaska suits people who possess three characteristics: A love for beautiful scenery, a love for hiking and a very short-term memory. I thought I was fatigued of the Caribbean after 3 months there. But I got bored of Alaska after 2 weeks. I guess I just like big cities and there’s no fighting it. Or maybe I just have cruise-ship fatigue. I do seem to be attracted to the chaos of change.

Anyway, this is going to make blogging a bit harder. After all, I’m not really doing anything worth writing about. Like today I did some work, ate some chocolate, hunted for a cheap flight to Europe, tried to learn about frequent flyer programs and watched two movies. Whoopee. At the risk of losing focus, I think I’m going to start writing about other stuff as well. Like travel budgeting. And other stuff.

I still haven’t wrapped my head around frequent flyer programs. I just cannot believe how FUCKED UP these programs are. I used to be in MENSA and I still do not understand this shit (I guess MENSA may need to up their standards). What I don’t understand is how if you travel 3000 miles, you may not get 3000 miles to your account. You may get less depending on the ticket you bought. So I’m always uncertain as to how many points I’m getting. And then they seem to expire after no time at all. I have memberships with OneWorld, StarAlliance and Skyteam but my points seem spread out so I probably can’t ever redeem them. So should I be paying more, and always fly within the same “alliance”? Or just forget about it and go with the cheapest flight. Right now I’m debating that question for choosing between AirTransat (cheaper and shorter flight but no points) and KLM. That’s why with credit cards I just choose the cash back option. Quick and dirty.

I wish airlines handled these loyalty programs the same way cafes do them: You get a stamp after every visit. After 10 stamps, your next one is free.

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