Day 133:Day 2192: 6 years on

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4:35 pm GMT-7 // inside passage, staff bar {cruise day 2/7}
“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” — T.S. Eliot

Today marks exactly 6 years since I left New Zealand to go traveling “for a bit”. In that time, I’ve lived in 4 countries. And traveled to another 36 countries, 1 territory and through 1 canal. And I’ve had 11 addresses. And 5 cell numbers. And 1 travel bear. And met, lived and traveled with a crazy number of beautiful people who have all changed my life for the better.

Throughout the years, I made a few feeble attempts to document my travels either via blog, photos, video and even twitter. But each time my efforts felt unsatisfactory. I didn’t really have a congruent style. Maybe I was just too drunk to remember anything interesting enough to write about! Anyway I feel I should collate my travel history before my memory completely fails me.

2004 (4 countries, 3 continents)
May: Left Auckland. Spent the summer at Camp Jened. Rock Hill, New York
May – Aug: NYC (lots of times) and Atlantic City
Sep: Coast to coast
(by greyhound) NYC-Boston-Montreal-TorontoLondon,ON-Niagara Falls-Detroit-Chicago
(by car) MemphisBaton Rouge-Houston-San AntonioSonora-Mexicali-San DiegoLA
(by greyhound)LA-Las VegasNYC.  
Oct: Moved to London, UK.
Visited Stonehenge in Salisbury. And Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark.
Back to London.
Dec: Bradford, UK.

2005 (12 countries, 2 continents)
Jan: Visited Newcastle.
More about London.
Feb: Visited Malmo, Sweden. Copenhagen. Eindhoven, Holland. Katowice, Gliwice, Krawkow, Oswiencim (Auschwitz) and Warsaw, Poland.
Mar: Easter in Amsterdam.
Apr: Dinard and St Malo, France. Katowice.
May: Bochum, Germany. Madrid, Spain.
Jul: Pampolona Running of the Bulls, Spain.
Aug: Amsterdam
Sep: Oktoberfest Munich
Nov: Dublin. Kaunas, Lithuania.
Dec: Malaysia. Edinburgh Hogmany, Scotland.

2006 (12 countries, 3 continents)
Jan: Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kerala, India
May: Left London. Reykjavik, Iceland. Spent another summer at Camp Jened.
May-Aug: NYC lots of times. Atlantic City, New Jersey, Philadelphia.
Sep: London, UK. Copenhagen. Moved to Prague, Czech Republic.
Nov: Budapest. London. Malaysia. Thailand.
Dec: Dubai. London. Prague. Warsaw.

2007 (7 countries, 2 continents)
Mar: Slovakia
Apr: Vienna, Austria. Brno and Moravia, CZ.
May: Berlin. Olomouc and Cesky Kromlov, CZ.
Jun: Left Prague. Riga, Latvia. Warsaw, Katowice and Wroclaw, Poland. Karpathos, Greece.
Jul: English language summer camp in Stadlec, Czech Republic.
Aug: Moved to Toronto.

2008 (6 countries, 3 continents)
Feb: Scranton and Atlantic City
Aug: NYC
Sep: Prague and Karlovy Vary, CZ. Montreal.
Oct: Kitchener Oktoberfest
Dec: NYC. Malaysia. Singapore. Thailand.

2009 (2 countries, 1 continent)
Jan: NYC
May: St Catherine
Aug: Cross-Canada RV road-trip
Toronto-Saunt St Marie-Thunder Bay-Winnipeg-Regina-Calgary-Banff-Shambhala music festival (Salmo)-Nelson-Slocan-Vancouver-Seattle
Oct: Pittsburgh. NYC.
Dec: Montreal.

2010 (14 countries, 1 territory, 1 continent)
Jan: Left Toronto to go work on a cruise-ship.
Jan-Mar: Cruisesurfing in the Caribbean.
Apr: Caribbean Islands. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Cartegena, Colombia. Panama Canal. Punteranas, Costa Rica. Mexico.
May: Alaska, Vancouver.

the world is smaller than you think!
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